One Piece: What Happened To Kozuki Oden? How Did He Die?

The daimyo of Kuri and the real hero of the Wano Arc; that’s Kozuki Oden we are looking at. He was supposed to be the catalyst that could change the fate of Wano. But a conspiracy laid out by Kaido and Orochi led to the demise of Oden and forever sealed the fate of Wano. Nevertheless, this guy left behind a strong legacy that motivated the events of Wano Arc.

Oden was one of the strongest, or quite possibly the strongest samurai in Wano. His strength was admired by Pirate King Roger and even Whitebeard.

So, it is a little hard to digest that a samurai such as Oden was ousted by an impoverished goblin wearing a kimono. Yes, that’s Orochi we are referring to. Not that needed an explanation but still. This brings in the question –

How did Oden Die?

Okay, so we are at the tragic part here. Even though we believe, or at least want to believe that Oden is alive, we are here ready to recite the events that led to his apparent death. Oden was executed by Kaido in the flower capital. However, the strongest samurai said goodbye in the best way possible, leaving behind a tale for ages to come.

Kozuki Oden Wano

It all started when Oden retired to Wano after his overseas voyage. He came home only to realize that his country was taken over by Kurozumi Orochi. So, he rushed to the Flower Capital to confront Orochi. While he was able to defeat the soldiers and make his way to Orochi, there was something that he wasn’t prepared for.

The Story of Oden’s Demise

What we see next is Oden dancing on the streets of Wano, almost naked. This greatly eroded his respect in the country of Wano. However, in chapter 971, it is revealed that when Oden invaded the Flower Capital, he met with Orochi and Kaido there. He came to know that there were hundreds of citizens captured by Orochi who were about to be traded as slaves to Kaido.

In exchange for the freedom of the captives, Oden was asked to dance naked on the streets. But after full 5 years of this torment, Oden had enough and he gathered his retainers, the Red Scabbards, for one final showdown.

It is during this fight that Oden delivered that massive wound to Kaido. It seemed that our hero of Wano might win, but he was distracted by Kurozumi Higurashi who disguised himself as a captive Momonosuke. In this brief moment of confusion, Kaido struck down Oden and thus defeated him. A shameful way to bring down a samurai indeed!

He was then captured and set for execution.

This is where the legend known as Kozuki Oden begins and ends!

On the day of his execution, Kaido agreed to let go of Oden and his followers if they all survived a full hour in boiling oil. Oden lifted a plank and asked his retainers to stand on it while he submerged himself in the oil.

Although he survived the gruelling hour, Orochi still ordered their execution. Oden threw his retainers far off in a bid to save them. He was then shot in the head by Kaido where he drowned in the oil with a smile on his face.

Kozuki Oden Death

Is Kozuki Oden Really Dead?

Just as we were saying, it looks a tad bit “completely impossible” to imagine him dead.

Oden was a monster when it came to sheer strength and power. It was Kozuki Oden that gave that love bite on Kaido’s chest. This gives us a glimpse of how strong he was. Kaido is known to be the strongest creature in the world. It is also said that it is virtually impossible to beat him in a one-on-one battle.

But when we almost believed that fact, Oden came and stabbed the fish out of Kaido. So, it seems unlikely that our dearest Kozuki can be brought down that easy.

If we remember correctly, it was Oden who foretold the great Wano war that is happening right now. He was also able to accurately predict the arrival of the next generation in Wano. Oden was much more than what we saw. The samurai knew he was going to die at the hands of Kaido.

We can only see that as something that pours more to the confusion. How was he able to predict all this? And if he was able to foresee the events, then why he chose to accept his fate? Our guess? Maybe he didn’t.

For all we know, Oden was a man with a plan and a backup plan. It could be that he is still alive and just waiting for the ripe opportunity. Of course, this is just a possibility but a possibility nonetheless.

However, the fact still remains that Kozuki Oden died and he died a victor’s death.

So, what do you think? Do you believe that Oden is truly dead? Is it possible for him to be still alive? Let us know what you think in the comment section below.

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