One Piece: Is Zoro From Wano? Is he Related To Ryuma Or Oden?

The second most powerful Strawhat and one of the Supernovas, yes that’s definitely Zoro we are looking at. He is one of the strongest swordsmen in the series and has an amazing sense of direction that inspired the invention of GPS. Quite the CV he got there. So, as an amazing swordsman he is, Zoro could have a connection with Wano Kuni.

Of course, nothing has been stated explicitly that establishes a relation between Zoro and Wano. But there are some floating observations that might bring Moss Head a.k.a Zoro closer to the Wano scene.

Over the course of this arc, some subtle hints were dropped that made us wonder about the lineage of Zoro. For all we know, he is an orphan from East Blue who was trained by Koushiro. He lives with a goal to become the greatest swordsman in the world. But as we leaped into the Wano Arc, we saw some uncanny connections between Zoro and the country of Oden.

Zoro and “Snatch”

Zoro and Snatch One Piece

In chapter 950, we see Momonosuke using the shout “snatch.” A completely shaken Kiku asks Momo from where he learnt that. It is shown that it was Zoro who introduced this word to Momonosuke. Apparently, a similar shout was used in Kuri in some old dialect. Interestingly, Oden was the Daimyo of the Kuri region.

So, a swordsman from East Blue uses a shout that was supposedly used in a region in Wano that was ruled by Oden. Nothing suspicious here, or is it?

Now, we know Zoro has a vivre card that states his birthplace as East Blue. On top of that, Oda himself stated that Ronoroa Zoro was born in East Blue. But what if his parents or ancestors had a Wano Greencard? He is stated to be an orphan and not much is told about his parentage. It could be that his ties to Wano were established even before he was born.

The descendant of Ryuma?

Ryuma One Piece

We have all seen Zoro wielding Shusui, the black blade originally wielded by Ryuma. Our boy won the blade by fighting the zombie-ish spirit of Ryuma. Now, the thing is, the overall appearance of Zoro bears an uncanny resemblance to Ryuma when he was alive.

We aren’t implying that Ryuma fathered Zoro because dead people don’t make babies. But our young master of Santoryu could be a distant descendant of Ryuma.

What if it wasn’t just a coincidence that Zoro received the Shusui? In the Wano arc, he was offered Enma as a replacement for Shusui. But what if Zoro was meant to bring the blade back home because he carries the same bloodline as Ryuma? There are a lot of “what if” here.

You might see some connection building here if you match the dots. Ryuma was introduced way back in the series. At that time, there was no mention of Wano or Oden. But now, things have started to make sense, a lot of sense.

Is Zoro Related to Oden?

First of all, Zoro is NOT Oden’s son. There is no proof whatsoever which points to it. We also aren’t implying that Zoro is the first cousin of Oden, barring the fact that we want that to be true.

We know Zoro is from East Blue but it could be that he has some ties to the Kozuki Clan. In the Wano Arc, we can saw a subtle relationship blooming between Zoro and Wano. Be it Roronoa’s closeness with Hiyori or his sheer rage over the execution of Yasuie Shimotsuki, it becomes apparent that Zoro has some connection with the land of Oden.

Plus, he was able to tame Enma in a matter of minutes. Is it what we think it is? We can’t say anything for sure.

Zoro Belongs to the Shimotsuki Village?

A calm and quiet village in East Blue that was named after Shimotsuki Kozaburo of the Shimotsuki Family. Now, what grabbed our attention was the fact that Shimotsuki Kozaburo was the one who forged Enma. Yes, this is the same Enma that Oden used to wound Kaido.

Interestingly, Zoro is the current wielder of Enma. It could be just another “100th coincidence” or maybe there is more to it than what we see. It all seems like Oda was subtly nurturing Zoro’s backstory without us noticing.

Let’s also not forget the fact that Ronoroa was trained by Koushiro, the son of Shimotsuki Kozaburo. It’s raining hints down here if we observe it closely. Zoro was born in a certain village. A certain person trained him, and then he gets to wield a certain blade. We also saw the strong bond between Shimotsuki Yasuie and Zoro.

When Yasu was executed by Orochi, Zoro not only attacked him in sheer rage but also vowed to kill him. We see him acting more like a samurai than a pirate. It’s almost like he is home.

What do you think of Zoro’s connection with Wano? Do you think he actually belongs to the land of Samurai? Is it possible that he bears some connection with Oden? Tell us what you think in the comment section down below.

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