MHA Chapter 323: ‘Strength Doesn’t Make a Hero’


Five points for recognising the lyric reference to Season 4.

MHA Chapter 323 provides us a flashback and a current scenario of just how chaotic things are. With a bigger insight into UA’s super cool updates, Inko’s breakdown and Uraraka (finally) doing something, the chapter leaves us curious with what Deku will do next. So, let’s go over what has happened this week!

UA Goes Neon Genesis Evangelion

MHA Chapter 323 starts with a flashback of class 1A going to the principal to convince him to let Deku in. Despite the security threats that Momo raises, the situation seems bright enough- UA got some ultra cool updates. UA now has the ability to move, which really amps up its defense. The campus now can also go underground with multiple routes. Does this not remind you of Tokyo 3 buildings going underground into the GeoFront?

If this wasn’t enough, 3000 steel plates were put into the ground that would not only sense an attack and activate the procedure but are sturdy enough to delay attacks. Gives us very NERV headquarter vibes.

Principal Nezu describes UA's new updates
My Hero Academia Chapter 323

And I am not the only one thinking that way! Kaminari expresses his awe by mentioning that this did seem like it came out of a mecha anime. It will be interesting how and when we will see these defenses in action, and whether their sturdiness will be enough to keep the already wary public safe.

Shiketsu High to make a return?

Furthermore, Principal Nezu confirmed that Shiketsu High has reached the same level of defenses and heroes can now use routes to make their way to either schools without any identity theft this time around. This brings us to another big point- are we going to see an Infinity War of heroes?

While due to the lack of the commission there is no way to get foreign heroes in Japan, there seems to be a high possibility that sooner or later we will see some new faces for the final battles or their build ups. There has been lots of focus on 1A and the recurring pro heroes, with 1B left behind and only a few mentions of 2A. Furthermore, we haven’t heard from the other schools in long. Is this a sign that we will see some unexplored characters finally get some spotlight to further broaden the range of characters with some refreshing faces?

Personally, that would seem like a good idea. As much as we love our characters, new or recurring characters may be used to bring fresher perspectives to the stage with newer quirks. Do you want to see more canon heroes, or do you prefer those left for the films?

Heroes vs Public

How the tables have turned. The villains must be having a good laugh.

In MHA Chapter 323, Horikoshi sensei has reiterated yet again that the public is in no mood of understanding what the heroes are going through. This constant whining of the public along with their demonising of heroes who are trying their best does get annoying to read, as it doesn’t seem to be making progress. However, that might change slowly (more on that later).

The public lashes out at Best Jeanist in My Hero Academia Chapter 323
Do you think the public is ungrateful, or is their anger justified?

Best Jeanist takes the blame for the decision. Naturally, there is public uproar and they accuse him of breaching their trust. While it caused more chaos, I find it commendable that a Pro Hero was ready to take the heat of what 1A had done. Isn’t it ironic how a small act of heroism demonised him more? It is then made clear that the public is still not very clear on details. This makes it clearer why there is so much ruckus, but when will that be solved?

The public had not seen just how dark the hero section of their society was. Only when Dabi had exposed so much that the public realised that heroes are humans- just like them. That meant that heroes would have made mistakes or have sad pasts, but rather than understanding that they seemed to turn their backs on heroes. Back to the point, is this the turning point for the public? I do hope Horikoshi sensei now works on making the public understand, or atleast give up their whining. As realistic as it may seem, seeing it every chapter does get repetitive.

Uraraka strikes!

Finally, Uraraka seems to do something substantial! Albeit a girl with great potential and will, we hadn’t seen much of her in a while. While her presence was made known more in the past few chapters, the build up was for this scene. Uraraka floats to the top of the building to knock some sense into the public.

And, it seems to be working.

Uraraka says things that the public desperately had to be told. As the audience, we already know what it is; to see the public out of loop for such a long time about sch an obvious argument was baffling. She hits the spot with all they had to know- Midoriya has gone through things none of the ungrateful public could dream off. She starts off by telling them he left school for the sake of its safety, going on about how what makes him special is his drive to fix things.

Uraraka defends Deku against the public. My Hero Academia Chapter 323
Uraraka shows her faith in Deku.

Slowly but surely, the public seems to be coming around as their expressions soften and they listen keenly to what she had to say. This was some great development for Uraraka, who had gone stagnant very early on. Her standing up for Deku and the little snip of a letter we see addressed to her from Deku shows their strong bond. Perhaps, it may be hinting at them expressing their feelings sooner or later.

Final thoughts

Uraraka highlighted Deku’s brilliance. Deku not being a “special person” is what makes him this good. His drive to fix everything to save those who treat him like vermin proves just how heroic he is. As Principal Nezu says, this action will lead to the birth of a hero stronger than All Might. It does feel we are getting closer to the end, with Deku now the direct opponent of All For One and Nezu’s words. The chapter highlights just how being special or isn’t enough to be a hero.

In all, this MHA Chapter 323 makes us feel that the public might just stop whining. It brings extreme satisfaction to see their aggression being attacked by Uraraka. Also, we cannot forget about Inko Midoriya! She has been Deku’s biggest supporter despite of how much she worries over him. Seeing her cry at the state of her son just emphasised how no one saw this dark turn coming, and it makes you feel sorry for both of them.

What do you think? Do you think the public will come around? Let us know in the comments!

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