MHA: Aizawa Makes Harsh Sacrifice To Retain His Quirk

And due to his sacrifice, the heroes still seem to have a chance of winning!

Shota Aizawa My Hero Academia

The following article contains major spoilers for chapter 282 of My Hero Academia manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

As the fight with Shigaraki Tomura in My Hero Academia continued the heroes are forced to make some very hard decisions. First Gran Torino is almost on his deathbed, thanks to Tomura smashing and punching him into the ground.

In the latest chapter too the scenario doesn’t look promising. The heroes fighting Gigantomachia have been seriously injured and now he’s heading to the desired location. On his way he’s going to destroy almost a dozen cities completely. The government has issued an order of vacating the cities that are in danger of being rampaged. But with Gigantomachia’s speed evacuation does not seem like a safe option anymore.

With Toga, Dabi and others with him, the heroes are all ready to sacrifice their lives for the sake of the society. But the hero who was forced to make a harsh sacrifice right now is none other than our class 1-A homeroom teacher, Shota Aizawa.

As we all know from the previous chapter that Shigaraki has been held down by Ryuku, Deku and Endeavour. But the villain prodigy had an ace up his sleeve. He had hidden a quirk removal bullet in his pouch which he was going to use on Aizawa. Ryuku warned everyone of the bullet. In that moment itself, Aizawa made a decision that no one could have thought of. As they were trying to avoid the bullet, it found its way and hit Aizawa in his leg.

Everyone thought that in that moment Aizawa would lose his quirk and he’ll be nothing but a burden on the team. But Aizawa had a different plan. He took out a dagger and chopped his leg off.

Yup, that man literally chopped his own leg off!!! And that too without a moment’s hesitation.

Aizawa chops off his leg after getting hit by a deleter round

The moment was a dark one for a shounen series like My Hero Academia. It also went on prove Aizawa’s determination, which even Shigaraki acknowledged. However, that brave act made Aizawa flinch and he ended up blinking. That released Tomuras’ quirk and he went back to full power. And in an instant, jumped towards Aizawa only to be stopped by Shoto Todoroki.

The sacrifice made by Aizawa will be considered one of the better moments in the My Hero Academia series.

Some may think that Aizawa chopping off his leg pales in comparison to the sacrifices made by others, especially Mirio (overhaul arc) or Shield Hero Crust (current arc). But Aizawa made a quick and calm decision in a crucial moment where the entire world is at stake. In the current battle Aizawa is the only one that can keep everyone alive. If he had not cut his leg, then he would have lost his quirk. This would hampered any heroes had at defeating Tomura Shigaraki. He’s also the only chance that the heroes got at winning.

However, it seems like Aizawa will be out of the battle for a small amount of time as Shigaraki got hold of him for a brief second. The heroes will have to make do for that period without their sensei’s help, probably!

What do you think of Aizawa and his sacrifice to retain his quirk? Did you find it cool? Or are you enraged at Horikoshi sensei? Let us know in the comments below!

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