Is Ichigo Yhwach’s Son? Is Ichigo Really A Quincy In Bleach?

With the Bleach anime pacing fast like that a Japanese Bullet train there are several things happening at once in the series. In the last episode we saw Yhwach cut down Yamamoto Genryusai, the strongest shinigami to ever exist, in two pieces. This makes us wonder who can stop Yhwach if Yamamoto can’t?

It is highly unlikely that Ichigo at his current power level can even scratch any of the Schutzstaffel. Let alone taking on Yhwach.

However, we did see Ichigo fight Yhwach in today’s episode and my God the revelations in it were mindboggling. Questions like who is Ichigo’s mother? Why does Yhwach know her? Why Does Ichigo have Blut vene? Why does Yhwach call Ichigo his son born in the dark? Is Yhwach really Ichigo’s father? Is that why he exists in Ichigo’s zanpakuto as Zangetsu?

I will provide an answer to all these questions and more in this article, so gather your popcorn, coffee and everything you need to sustain because this is gonna be interesting and long. (That’s what she said)

So just like her, let us jump right into it.

P.S Manga Spoilers ahead!

Is Ichigo Yhwach's Son

Is Ichigo a Quincy in Bleach? How does he have Blut vene?

Well this question must have risen in your minds as well after today’s episode.

The answer is simple, Ichigo is a half Quincy due to his mother being a quincy.

Yes, Masaki Kurosaki was a quincy before she got married to Isshin Kurosaki. And the circumstances of her marriage with Isshin were set up by none other than Aizen himself. To read more about it, check out the link below!

Now, let’s come to how he activated his blut vene.

When Ichigo was stuck in Quilge Opie’s jail, he was continuously spamming Getsuga Tensho in a desperate attempt to break free. Basically, he was releasing his spiritual pressure (reiatsu) and spirit particles (reishi) while doing so. This meant he was expending his reiatsu at an exponential rate.

Now as we know all beings in Bleach-verse absorb reishi which in turn is released when they power up which is felt as a reiatsu (spiritual pressure).

Now, Shinigami’s and hollows absorb reishi at a much slower rate albeit not at will.

However, quincies absorb reishi at will.

Now Ichigo as a shinigami, his body would have slowly absorbed reishi over time. But, given that he is a half-quincy, like we mentioned above, his body absorbed reishi that was present around him, without his knowledge at a subsequently faster rate compared to a full shinigami, in order to replenish his reishi.

Also, the jail Opie trapped Ichigo in was made entirely of quincy reiatsu/reishi. Also as mentioned by Yhwach, Opie’s jail is designed to trap enemies but not quincies.

So when Ichigo started chipping it slowly with his barrage of Getsuga Tensho, Ichigo’s body absorbed the released reishi from Quilge’s jail and this awakened his sleeping quincy abilities.

This led to Ichigo subconsciously using Blut Vene which is a defensive mechanism used by quincies.

Is Ichigo Yhwach’s Son? Why did Yhwach Call Ichigo His Son Born In The Dark?

Well he is and he isn’t, technically.

Ichigo’s biological father is Isshin Kurosaki. However, as mentioned above Masaki is a quincy. And

Yhwach is the father of all quincies. He was the one who started the race of this super humans who can manipulate reishi at will.

Also all Royal quincies are quincies who have specifically high connection with Yhwach and his powers.

This power of Masaki was passed down to Ichigo genetically. Thus he has Quincy blood in him and through that connection Ichigo is Yhwach’s son, although not biological.

So, to answer in short, Yhwach is not Ichigo’s father. He called him his son since Yhwach is his ancestor on his mother’s side.

This is also the reason why Yhwach wanted to take Ichigo with him to Wandenreich and brainwash him into fighting against Shinigami’s. Also since Ichigo is also one of the 5 special war threats this will have been a huge blow to the Shinigami side.

So now you must be wondering if Ichigo has shinigami father and a quincy mother, then, how did he get his hollow powers?


Yes, Ichigo is Yhwach’s descendant as he is Ichigo’s ancestor and they share a blood bond with each other. Thanks to Ichigo’s mother Masaki Kurosaki being a quincy, Ichigo himself is a part quincy.

Let us know in the comments, what do you think of Ichigo being a quincy?

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