[Full Story] Here’s How Toru Furuya’s Abusive Affair With His Female Fan Unfolded!


Toru Furuya has been the center of attraction after he reportedly admitted to having an abusive affair with a fan of his for over four years.

While his apology letter didn’t convey the entire scandal, an interview with the victim herself – who has been termed as A-ko (Japanese media often refer to victims anonymously as A-ko or B-ko), with Bunshun has divulged more information about their relationship.

The 33-year-old fan, significantly younger than Furuya and just a year apart from his daughter, detailed a troubling series of events that began with her admiration for his work and escalated into a complicated and painful affair.

A-ko claimed that she came forward with her story so that he won’t repeat the same mistake with anyone else.

Initial Interactions

A-ko first became aware of Furuya through his role as Tooru Amuro in the 2016 film Detective Conan: The Darkest Nightmare.

Her admiration deepened after she attended a fan event in 2017 where Furuya engaged closely with attendees. She recalls the event involving hugs and other close interactions, which intensified her feelings for him.

By 2019, she had seen Zero the Enforcer 45 times and regularly sent fan letters and gifts to Furuya’s agency.

Her fan interactions took a personal turn on New Year’s Day 2019 when she received a text message from an unknown number, which turned out to be from Furuya himself.

Initially skeptical, she eventually believed it was genuinely him after they exchanged messages. Their first face-to-face meeting occurred in February 2019 at a Tokyo restaurant, followed by a karaoke session where Furuya’s singing further captivated her.

Torufuruya Affair

Toru Forces Himself on Her

In March 2019, A-ko traveled to Kochi City for an anime event and was invited to Furuya’s hotel room late at night.

Upon her arrival, A-ko alleged that Furuya forcefully pushed her onto the bed and attempted to have unprotected intercourse with her despite her protests.

He reassured her by claiming he was infertile due to unsuccessful fertility treatments with his wife. It didn’t occur to her that Furuya could be lying (the VA has a daughter, as mentioned earlier).

Even though he said that I was still anxious about getting pregnant. But he was my idol, someone I admired deeply. The thought that he might be lying never crossed my mind. In the end, we had unprotected s*x that night,” she admits.

This encounter marked the beginning of a more intense phase of their relationship – as Furuya would often squeeze some time to spend with her.

Such escapades were to be expected from a man who claimed that sex played a big role in their relationship and that being with her made him feel like he was still a man and that he still had it in him.

However, the voice actor also said that he had “genuine feelings” for A-ko.

Tensions Rise & Furuya Turns Abusive

Furuya’s marital status was a constant source of tension when it came to the relationship between the two.

A-ko admits she had fallen deeply for him despite their significant age difference. However, Furuya consistently maintained that he could not divorce his wife.

In September 2020, a violent incident at Furuya’s villa in the Kanto region marked a turning point. During a heated argument, Furuya allegedly struck her multiple times, causing her nose to bleed.

Although she managed to call the police, Furuya took her phone.

After the altercation, A-ko fled the villa with Furuya in pursuit, begging for forgiveness. Though the cops did arrive, the incident was ultimately dismissed as a lovers’ quarrel by the responding officers.

Furuya later admitted to the violence, stating he lost control in a panic.

I hit her two or three times. During our fight, she started saying she was going to ‘leave’… I panicked. I lost control and lashed out,” he said. “I panicked, thinking if this turned into a police matter and everything got out, it would be the end. The cops did come, but they considered it a lovers’ quarrel and left it at that.

Despite police involvement, the situation was downplayed, and A-ko continued the relationship, albeit with increasing wariness. Furuya continued to seek her advice on personal projects and used his voice acting talents to manipulate her emotions, further complicating their dynamic.

He declared his love for A-ko, using voices of beloved characters, including Tooru Amuro, the role that connected them. He adapted Amuro’s line, “My lover, is this country,” replacing “country” with her name.

He later admitted in the interview following A-ko’s revelations that this was “an act that tarnished the character” and apologized to the fans.

A coerced abortion:

The biggest roadblock in her path was yet to come though.

In March 2021, A-ko discovered she was pregnant. Furuya’s response was immediate and unequivocal: he wanted her to have an abortion.

He initially communicated this through a casual LINE message, which A-ko found deeply hurtful.

When she called him, his first words were an insistence on terminating the pregnancy. Despite her emotional turmoil and desire for him to consider her feelings, Furuya remained adamant.

He initially refused to sign the necessary consent form, justifying his refusal by claiming it was to continue their relationship.

After much persuasion, he eventually signed a memorandum following the procedure, but this event left A-ko emotionally devastated.

When he refused to sign, he justified it by saying, ‘It’s so I can continue my relationship with you.’ I persuaded him and had him sign a memorandum after the surgery, separate from the one submitted to the hospital beforehand.” A-ko told Bunshun.

The Break-up

The relationship ended abruptly in September 2023 after an argument at an airport. Returning from an event in Hokkaido, the two clashed over their future.

Furuya, angrier than ever, brought up the abortion and his marital status, ending the relationship in a public confrontation.

A-ko has not contacted him since. Reflecting on the affair, she acknowledged the mix of happiness and cruelty she experienced, leaving her emotions deeply conflicted.

A-ko recounted that during their final argument, Furuya harshly reminded her that she knew he was married when they got involved, and he brought up the abortion as if it were a point of contention.

His final words to her were, “It’s well and truly over now,” after which he walked away, leaving her feeling betrayed and frustrated.

Despite the abusive nature of the relationship, A-ko admitted there were moments of genuine happiness that make her feelings about the entire experience complex and difficult to reconcile.

Toru Furuya’s wife called him foolish and shortsighted, saying they would have to live with the shame. She also told their daughter, who reportedly said, “I’m on dad’s side.”

Source: Bunshun via Zeonic-Republic

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