Endeavor Has To Face The Demons From His Past In My Hero Academia

It is not easy to outrun your past. It catches up with you at some point or the other. Mistakes, regrets, guilts, all of them come back to haunt you eventually. The question is when and how. And once they do, the only choice you are left with is to face this abominable mess in front of you and overcome it. Or at least try to make peace with it.

Ever since Endeavor became the number one hero, he has been trying to move forward. It is still questionable as to what brought the change in him. Is he trying to win over his family? Is he looking for some kind of acceptance from his children? We could argue that Shoto eventually accepting that he is Endeavor’s son could have triggered this roundabout in him.

His wife Rei Todoroki said that Endeavor is continuing to stick to his morals to make sense of his past. He is trying to face it and in accordance with that is changing himself and Todoroki family’s future.

Through his actions, he might be atoning for his past mistakes. Buying a new house for his family, joining them for dinner and getting close to his wife again could all point to this. Being a stubborn and prideful man, maybe this is the best he could have pulled off.

Watch me,” he said. Watch me while I try to make sense of it all!

But like we mentioned before, there comes a time in when you have to face your past. Atoning won’t let you run away from the consequences of your actions. And Endeavor has come to realise this truth in the worst possible way.

The past never dies!

the past never dies, dabi says

While fighting against Shigaraki and the League Villains, Endeavor has come face to face with his “dead son“, Touya Todoroki, and with it, the burden of his mistakes as a parent. There is nothing that could justify Enji’s actions as a father. Calling it anything less than abuse would be a crime in itself. But none of these facts were out in the public domain before. This was something that he had to deal with himself. But now, the situation has changed.

Endeavor has not been a likable hero. But seeing him change for good made many believe that the number one hero’s redemption arc had begun. Watching him go above and beyond every time was enough for the people to start putting more faith in him.

But with glaring revelations in Dabi’s public video, Endeavor’s reputation is all but tarnished. Is this where the true redemption for an imperfect hero begins? Or will his past act as a catalyst for the downfall of the hero society as a whole?

Endeavor’s actions at this point of time would go a long way in defining the future. He is at his limit already. Will giving up his life in stopping Touya, his own son, his past mistake, change the perspective of the people? Will it let them get over his past?

While it seems late for Enji to take responsibility for his actions as a father and try to reconcile with his son, it is not a possibility that we outright reject. What will he do and how will it affect the future of the heroes needs to be seen. But what matters here is that Endeavor got to know one of the harshest truths of life in the worst possible way.

The past never dies. It never will. You need to rise up and face it before you think of moving forward!

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