My Hero Academia: Is Hawks A Traitor? Revealed

In a world dominated by heroes and villains, there needs to be a gray area. Hawks fall under that patch. He is this nonchalant, cool, and promising hero. But there is something about him that seems upsetting. There is this cloak of mystery around him that makes him a tad bit doubtful. At present, he’s the second-best pro hero, following the footsteps of Endeavor. And he’s also a member of the League of Villains. So, does that make him some kind of a traitor?

This article will explore the lingering question and a bit on Hawks as a person.

The article contains major spoilers from My Hero Academia Manga. Read at your discretion.

The Second Best Pro Hero:

The name Hawks has been around for a while. Although it was only in Chapter 184 when the audience actually came to know about him. The short and fun interaction between him and Endeavor at the event was enough to garner interest amongst people. He was an excellent hero in his early 20s with a composed attitude, how could anyone not like him?

Hawks Introduction
Hawks – the definition of a cool hero

Moreover, it was also made clear that he’s fond of Endeavor too. It was an amazing feat of chivalry and dexterity against the high-end nomu when he was fighting along with Endeavor. If it wasn’t for him, the Number 1 hero might have lost. 

But a single event changed everything about Hawks and instilled a doubt in the reader’s minds.

An Agent For The League of Villains?

In a dark alley, Hawks came to meet Dabi and said that he wanted to join LoV. The readers were perplexed, this development in the story was quite a shocking one. Because if Hawks were to join LoV then they will get to know everything about the heroes. And it will mark the inception of doomsday. 

Hawks meeting Dabi
The infamous meet in the dark alley

But as it turns out, this wasn’t the case. Hawks was joining LoV for an entirely different purpose in mind. He wasn’t there to make any friends or betray the heroes. It was a covert mission known to very few people.

So, Is Hawks A Traitor Or Not?

Hawks will never betray the trust of people who have faith in him. Because he was designed accordingly; to protect those who were in need of help. Furthermore, back then it was the heroes who were in dire need of the information on LoV. Hawks just did what he was told to.

Hawks promoting Liberation army book
A clever trick of a cool hero

He’s a double agent and playing a make-believe game from both sides. Although, the odds are in favor of Hawks. Through this act, he not only got into LoV but was also able to gain a bit of trust from them. Still, the fact that he’s doing it for the sake of the safety of people doesn’t change. Because he’s a simple hero doing his job and not the work of a traitor. So long answer short, no he isn’t a traitor. He decided to side with people whom he deems as the righteous ones. 

But is that the whole case?

Because there’s another important question which comes in the picture too. Can Hawks become a traitor in the near future?

Hawks – A Tool For Justice

Hawks Endeavour fan
First time he started admiring someone

Keigo Takami, a child who was ruthlessly abused by his father on a daily basis. He believed that heroes were a fantasy because no one was coming to save him. But one day, Endeavor caught his father and freed him from the misery. Since that day, Hawks has always admired him. From thereon, he trained under secret authorities to save everyone who calls for help. Thus, forming the idea that he’s just a tool for justice.

Why Hawks Can Betray The Heroes?

When he met Twice, a man who just wanted to protect his friends, something in him must have changed. The welfare of society destroyed their promise of flying together. It was heartwrenching for Hawks to witness the death of a good friend. And on the other hand, there was Dabi.

Hawks dual sides
Abuse and Guilt were inculcated in Hawks from an early age

Both Hawks and Dabi were coerced into the world of heroism by people who only wanted personal gain. What’s more interesting is that both of their abusers were their fathers only. And Hawks is more likely to side with the victim rather than the abuser because of his similiar past. The parallelism of Hawks with Twice and Dabi is a daunting one. He has all the plausible reasons to turn his back against the heroes. But whether he goes rogue or not will be only answered by Horikoshi.

What do you all think about Hawks? Can he become a traitor? Tell us your thoughts in the comments.

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