How Will Hiroshi Tameda React To The Dabi Reveal In My Hero Academia?

Hiroshi Tameda, My Hero Academia

The huge reveal about Dabi in the latest chapter of My Hero Academia has had the fandom going crazy (or not). My Hero academia Chapter 290 confirmed that Dabi is indeed Endeavor’s eldest son Touya Todoroki. Even though fans have been speculating about it for a long time, they were totally not ready for how Dabi rolled out the info.

The league of villains hotshot broadcast a video to the public revealing the role his dad, the Number 1 Hero Endeavor, had in pushing him to be a villain. Endeavor’s whole career and all his reputation is at stake now. This surely has to be one of the toughest scenarios he ever faced as a pro-hero.

This scenario has put the Todoroki family, especially Shoto, under a lot of pressure and it needs to be seen how he will react to it. However, fans are more concerned about how Endeavor’s passionate fan Hiroshi Tameda will take the news about Dabi being Endeavor’s son and how Endeavor’s actions pushed him into being a villain.

Hiroshi Tameda who?

For those who don’t remember, Hiroshi Tameda is a huge Endeavor fan. He is also commonly known in the MHA fandom as the “Don’t you see?” kid, after his passionate speech supporting Endeavor while he fought Nomu at the end of My Hero Academia Season 4. He voiced his opinions on how people should continue believing in Endeavor as he protected people from the High-End Nomu.

Incidentally, in My Hero Academia chapter 290, we see Tameda watching Dabi’s public broadcast with utter shock. This had made the fans wonder how he will react to Endeavor’s history of utterly poor parenting. Surely he’ll not whip up the crowd with another passionate speech on protecting the society. Or will he?

HIroshi tameda watches Dabi reveal
Tameda is probably heartbroken

The shocking truths about how the ‘Number 1 Hero’ pushed his own son into being a villain would cause a stir in the hero society. Perceptions will change and maybe a time for huge upheaval would come in the near future. Will Tameda too hate his idol for what he has done to his family? Or will he continue supporting Endeavor in the same vein.

The Dabi reveal will surely be a major turning point in how the people perceive heroes in the world of My Hero Academia. Do you think the timing of the reveal and the way it was done was spot on by Dabi? Let us know your opinions in the comments section!

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