My Hero Academia Ch. 291: Will Dabi’s Claims Fall Flat?

While Dabi’s huge reveal in the previous chapter was trending online, it felt lacking in some way or the other. He had to back his claim with some concrete proof so that the repercussions would be long-lasting.

A telling blow to the hero society. Was that even possible with just a video from a villain?

But fret not villain empathisers, Dabi has gone one step further than just revealing his hair colour and stating his lineage. In Chapter 291 of My Hero Academia, he has backed up his claim of being Endeavor’s son Touya with a DNA test. He retrieved Endeavor’s blood from the Kyushu incident and used to it prove that there was a 99.9% match.

Dabi flaunts his DNA test to the world
Dabi flaunts his DNA test to the world

Dabi didn’t stop there. While the hatred for his father was what drove him, he truly intended to bring down the hero-society as a whole. After his rant about how Endeavor was a no-good person, he turned his attention to the number 2 hero Hawks.

Dabi exhibited a clip of Hawks stabbing Twice and killing him while the latter was trying to get away. He also mentioned how the Number 2 hero killed Best Jeanist, so that he could gain access to the Meta Liberation army’s inner circles as a spy. Though there were some discrepancies in his behaviour here, by coupling these actions with the reveal about Hawk’s father who was a serial killer and a murderer, Dabi intended to push people into questioning the heroes, their intentions, their attitude and what exactly they represented in the society.

But then ladies, would you hate Hawks?

Dabi blames hero society

While Dabi (or Touya Todoroki) was ranting about how bad the heroes are, he forgets that he was the one recording his comrade being slaughtered in cold blood rather than helping him. There aren’t many examples of villainy that get better than this. Maybe Touya wants to portray himself as someone pitiable, who was created due to the immoral deeds of heroes, or rather the actions of his father. But, as readers, we won’t be giving him any sympathy. The case of civilians, however, in the world of My Hero Academia remains to be seen.

But we could say that his claims would fall flat, or atleast they won’t have the same impact as before, because Best Jeanist then made a dramatic entrance in the fight.

Best Jeanist makes a dramatic entrance in the fight
Best Jeanist makes a dramatic entrance in the fight

This would counter his claims about Hawks kiling a pro-hero and will obviously diminish the value of his statements. But the damage has been done.

As Can’t You See kun’s (this kid is having a bad time) friend tells him, by speaking out in the public about Endeavor and the other heroes, Dabi has gained the upper hand. Factoring in how the heroes were not able to stop the villains from laying waste to a whole city, Dabi’s reveals are certainly going to raise doubts. Whether he is lying or not is something that will be debated later, but for now, the hopes of the hero society are hanging on a thin fabric, now that Best Jeanist is back (we had to put in a pun, editor’s orders!)

If you’re wondering what the number one hero was doing all this time, he was just standing there flabbergasted. It seems that Endeavor was actually a doting father back when Touya was a kid. We even have a panel of Endeavor smiling, how rare is that.

Rare image of Endeavor smiling

Between that and the time he abused Shoto and his wife Rei, something bad might have happened. Was Touya’s apparent death itself responsible for the downfall? Let’s hope those questions will be answered in time.

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