Dragon Ball Super Manga Author Gets Trolled After Complaining About Spoilers On Twitter

Toyotaro was angry at twitter for showing him leaked panels from accounts he wasn't even following.


Dragon Ball Super author Toyotaro, took to his official twitter account on Aug 17, 2022, to let fans know his frustration at spoilers of Dragon Ball Super manga being circulated on the social media platform.

In his tweet, Toyotaro said that he was angry at Twitter showing him tweets from users who had illegally uploaded the contents from the upcoming chapter. He added that he wanted fans to be able to read V-Jump safely, implying they shouldn’t be spoiled.

Toyotaro spoilers tweet

However, instead of eliciting a positive response, Toyotaro was trolled, as fans replied to his tweet with leaked panels and spoilers from the upcoming Dragon Ball Super chapter.

This made him delete the tweet, and put out another one in response saying that the opposite response was not something he expected. The second tweet too was deleted in a while.

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Seeing Toyotaro’s concern, a lot of Dragon Ball diehards came forward to show their support. While some of them berated the response of the leakers, others sympathized with Toyotaro and his staff for having to go through something like this.

“For real though, the leaks have to be incredibly discouraging for Toyotaro and staff. Imagine looking forward to seeing people’s reactions to a big surprise in the context of its chapter, only to have that trickle out in contextless leaks days before. Wish they could curb it,” a twitter user said.

Toyotaro’s feelings aptly sum up that of the manga industry as a whole. However, manga publishers in Japan have been fighting against piracy by taking down some big names and also targeting others.

They were successful in shutting Manga Bank and Mangamura and even arresting their operators. Sites like Manganelo and Manganato, which attract over 200 million users combined, too have been targeted by Shueisha.

They even went beyond piracy sites, identifying spoiler websites as their main threat. Shogakukan alone identified close to 300 spoiler websites, requesting their deletion after confirmation with the police.

According to Hiroyuki Nakajima, a lawyer who is familiar with copyright issues, legal regulations, and crackdowns on illegal sites, stated that the “spoiler sites” that publish written transcribed sentences are widely recognized as illegal.

Attorney Nakajima said, “It seems that it is okay to partially touch the contents of the manga to write impressions, but there are cases where it becomes a legal problem if all the contents are written. It can be done easily. That’s why it’s easy for the general public to get their hands on the works. However, I want the people to know that there is a possibility of being accused of infringement.”

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