Differences Between God Ki And Regular Ki In Dragon Ball Super


All living creatures in the Dragon Ball Series have Ki or life energy within them. All the freakishly strong and crazy attacks and techniques, from the famous Kamehameha to Piccolo materializing clothes for Gohan, use Ki. Without it, none of the cool fights like Gogeta Blue vs Broly would exist.

Since using Ki results in different types of maneuvers, there are different types of Ki. God Ki is one among them. We’ve yet to fully internalize and grasp its concepts. Whether the introduction of God Ki was necessary at all is still heavily debated. This article attempts to shed some light on the same and explain the differences between the two types of Ki. But first, let us get a sense on what God Ki is.

Definition of God Ki

God Ki is a type of Ki completely different from normal Ki, which cannot be sensed by the normal Ki users. The Gods primarily are born with God Ki and use it but mortals can acquire it as well. The aura’s appearance differs from one user to another. For example, Fused Zamasu radiated white aura and Beerus radiates purple aura around their bodies.

God Ki users are categorized under two headings:

  • Good Godly Ki: A type of Ki that combines the goodness of the user with God Ki. Characters like the Angels, the Destroyer Gods, the good Kais, Goku and Vegeta possess this type.
  • Evil Godly Ki: A type of Ki that combines the maliciousness of the user with God Ki. Characters like Zamasu and Goku Black holds this type.

For mortals, there are three important aspects in awakening God Ki and stabilizing it:

  • Tremendous physical stamina to withstand attacks of the G.O.Ds (God of Destruction)
  • High level of thought control
  • All this under the supervised training of a Divine being like an Angel or a G.O.D.

The introduction of God Ki brought a lot of questions in the minds of the fans. One of them is the differences between God Ki and Regular Ki

God Ki vs Regular or Normal Ki

1. Regular Ki users cannot sense God Ki but God Ki users can sense Regular Ki.

It is well known that mortals who hold only normal Ki cannot sense God Ki. This is because the life energy wave of God Ki users fluctuates lesser than those of regular Ki users. When the user practices to devoid the mind of thoughts, the life energy wave move one step closer to zero fluctuations.

In other words, the number of fluctuations in a given area reduces as the user practices more. As a result, the wavelength changes from the life energy wave of regular Ki holders, of which it becomes unrecognizable for them. That’s why Mortals like Gohan and Piccolo couldn’t sense Goku when he transformed into Super Saiyan God.

In contrast to this, God Ki users can sense regular Ki. Most Gods have both. The fact that Whis sensed and compared the power of Goku in his Super Saiyan God form and Hit’s power confirms the above and of course, there’s no indication at all that Hit isn’t a mortal.

0013 017
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 13 – Whis comparing the powers of SSG Goku and Hit

2. God Ki users age slower than Regular Ki users.

Gods generally live longer than human beings (Kaiōshins have a lifespan of 75,000 years). When Goku transforms into Super Saiyan God, he looks young and fresh. The possession of God Ki probably increases his lifespan. Saiyans generally age slower than human beings since they are a warrior race.

God Ki, when kept under control, can make the user age even slower. Goku and Vegeta might outlive their friends and family even further if they’re promoted to a G.O.D.

3. All living creatures have Regular Ki but not God Ki.

Ki is the life energy of a living being and it exists in all beings. It could be either dormant or active, but it exists in all living creatures. God Ki however, doesn’t. Gods are born with God Ki and the serene and peaceful environment in their home planets are ideal places to practice thought control and increase their God Ki. Mortals can awaken their God Ki either through the Saiyan ritual or by intense physical and mental training under a God Ki user.

4. Regular Ki users cannot handle God Ki but Gods Ki users can handle both types

The following information under this heading contains spoilers from the Galactic Patrol arc of Dragon Ball Super Manga

Since God Ki users have higher levels of physical stamina and consciousness than regular Ki users (with a few exceptions), their bodies can harness and withstand both the types of Ki. As their training progressed, Goku and Vegeta have started to get the hang of their newly acquired Divine energy. They are able to use Perfected Super Saiyan Blue form comfortably during the fight against Moro.

Mortals, generally, cannot handle Divine energy because they lack the required physical stamina and mental equilibrium to harness it. Moro wasn’t able to contain Merus’s Divine power within his body, resulting it to swell and grow bigger, almost ready to explode.

0065 037
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 65 – Moro struggles to contain Merus’s Godly powers

Without the required training, you cannot win against an experienced God Ki user like Goku or Beerus, even if you have absorbed God Ki from someone else. Moro absorbed Merus’s powers by using Seven-Three’s technique, along with his God Ki. But because he hardly had much physical or thought control training, he wasn’t able to contain his powers within his body.

But, there is an exception to this. Long ago, when Kid Buu absorbed the Great Supreme Kai and merged with his body, he absorbed the God’s Divine Ki as well. This means Majin Buu has both God and regular Ki within him. Because of Buu’s extraordinary physical durability, he was able to contain the God Ki within with hardly any issues (apart from becoming fatter). But he did not make much use of it due to his low thought control levels. It just stayed put, lying dormant inside.

It was only later on in the Moro arc, the reincarnated version of Kid Buu, i.e. Uub, was able to channel the energy and transfer it to Goku, under the supervision of the Great Supreme Kai.

5. God Ki is denser than Regular Ki

Because it requires more physical stamina to contain God Ki within the user’s body than regular Ki, the user has to put more effort to contain the Divine Ki, compressing it more and more, making it denser than regular Ki.

The fact that Vegeta feels the pressure of its density confirms it.

Screenshot 39
Dragon Ball Super Episode 22 – Vegeta feels God Ki’s pressure

God Ki or Regular Ki. Which is Stronger?

God Ki, in many ways, is superior to regular Ki. The G.O.Ds and Angels are amongst the strongest beings in the entire cosmos, a force which ordinary mortals can’t even fathom. The mind control technique used in generating God Ki is different than in the case of Regular Ki. One needs to remove unnecessary thoughts which cloud the mind, making it calmer and tranquil. Think of a water pond without any ripples, perfectly still. The more one controls thought generation while physically training hard to increase one’s stamina, more amount of regular Ki is converted into God Ki.

But that doesn’t mean God Ki users are always stronger than regular Ki users. If a Mortal has comparatively high levels of physical stamina and Regular Ki, he/she can go toe-to-toe against a God Ki user or even surpass him. Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Golden Frieza were on par in their strength even though the latter did not possess God Ki. It is also said that Jiren surpassed his Universe’s Destroyer God Belmod.

0029 051
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 29 – Toppo mentions this to Goku just after the Destroyers fought against each other

What do you think of God Ki and its relevance in the Dragon Ball world? Will mortals, one day, outmatch even the strongest of beings in the cosmos like the Angels and Destroyers? Let us know in the comments below!

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