Can Humans Or Mortals Use God Ki In Dragon Ball Super?


Even with the introduction of higher echelons in the God hierarchy like the Angels and the Gods of Destruction; mortals aren’t brushed aside as insignificant. Zamasu disagreed to this. In his life as a Supreme Kai in training, he thought that mortals are useless creatures and are incapable of evolving further in terms of strength and consciousness. They always create chaos and ruin order within the universe and need to be purged.

But he later on found that not all mortals are as he imagined them to be. Mortals like Goku, Vegeta, Broly and Jiren baffle the very same Gods by shattering their limits. They also could possibly surpass some of them.

Before Dragon Ball Super, regular Ki was the only type of Ki we were familiar with. As the story goes on, the power levels are increasing exponentially. The strength of our heroes rivaled that of the Gods. This brings us to the introduction to a new type of Ki which is quite different from regular Ki. Angels and G.O.Ds are amongst the strongest in the cosmos and mortals cannot hope of reaching their levels. That is unless if they can awaken and kindle the fire known as Divine energy or God Ki.

Can Humans use God Ki?

Theoretically, all mortals can awaken and harness God Ki. But the level of stamina and consciousness required is much higher than what is required to awaken regular Ki. So far, out of the 28 planets in Universe 7 which has mortal beings, it seems the Saiyans and the Namekians have the most potential to achieve this feat.

The Saiyan race is one of the strongest groups in the universe. Their ability to raise their stamina is high but, their minds are not stable. That is why the appearance of a Super Saiyan God is a rare event (once every 1,000 years or so). A Saiyan can acquire God Ki through the Saiyan Ritual mentioned in the Namekian Book of Legends; a ritual that enabled Goku to achieve Super Saiyan God.

The Namekian warrior clan has both great physical stamina and thought control levels. Therefore, it is relatively easier for them to acquire God Ki. That is why most Namekians are capable of being the guardian of planets. The fact that both Kami and Dende possess God Ki supports this.

For any mortal, the way to awaken God Ki and use it is to:

  • Increase one’s physical strength to rival even the Gods of Destruction
  • Remove unnecessary thoughts which cloud the mind, making it calmer and tranquil
  • All this under the supervised training of a Divine being like an Angel or a G.O.D

This enabled Vegeta and Toppo to acquire God Ki and use it at will. The more one controls thought generation while physically training hard to increase one’s stamina, more amount of regular Ki is converted into God Ki. The application of this technique results in each body part of the user acting on its own and this is what is known as Ultra Instinct.

It is really difficult for humans to achieve Divine energy as they lack both high stamina and thought control levels. Among them, there is one who has the biggest potential to get a taste of God Ki, and that is Master Roshi. In Chapter 39 of Dragon Ball Super Manga, the dirty old man pulled of some incredible dodging skills against Jiren, which even Goku struggled to do. This maneuver resembled Ultra Instinct but according to Whis, it’s far from it. Roshi remarks that he has a long way to go. Imagine if he continues his training and achieves this godly technique.

To withstand the intense pressure of God Ki surging within, the user must train their body intensely to increase their stamina. If this doesn’t happen, the body cannot withstand the overflowing pressurizing energy of God Ki. This could either result in leakage (Like what happened to Fused Zamasu) or causing the body to malfunction (Like how Moro’s body size increased without control while trying to contain Merus’s power).

Can Humans sense God Ki?

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Generally, Mortals holding only regular Ki cannot sense God Ki, but there are a few exceptions. Godly Ki works on a different wavelength than normal Ki. When the user practices to devoid the mind of thoughts, the life energy wave moves one step closer to zero fluctuations. In other words, the number of fluctuations reduces as the user practices more. As a result, the wavelength changes from the life energy wave of normal Ki holders, of which it becomes unrecognizable for them.

A normal human being devoid of physical and mental training cannot sense normal Ki. Similarly, without the required amount of physical stamina and thought control, it is not possible to sense its presence in others.

That is why Piccolo, Gohan and the others cannot sense Goku when he’s in his Super Saiyan God form because his level of consciousness is well above the others.

0004 003 1
Dragon Ball Super Chapter 4 – Gohan and Piccolo are unable to sense Goku’s energy

However, it is shown that Golden Frieza and Hit were able to get a reading on Goku’s Divine energy.

frieza and hit sensing god ki 2
Dragon Ball Super Episodes 25 & 39 – Frieza and Hit sensing Goku’s Super Saiyan Blue’s energy

Frieza performed intense mental training while being trapped in Earth’s hell in a cocoon and increased his physical strength during his 4 months of training after being revived. Hit sharpened his mental abilities by training as a pro assassin to sense even small movements or energies. By this, they’re able to take baby steps in sensing God Ki. It is not yet specified whether Jiren can sense God Ki or not. It is still under the realm of ambiguity.

While using the concepts of Ki containment or Suppression to prevent Ki leakage, one can mask their God Ki even more to prevent detection from the strongest of warriors.

whis intructing to contain leaking energy 1
Dragon Ball Super Episode 22 – Whis instructing Goku and Vegeta to increase their Ki and contain it

However, Mortals can sense the tremendous pressure which arises as a symptom of God Ki. In episode 54 of Dragon Ball Super, when Future Trunks saw Vegeta go Super Saiyan Blue, his thoughts were as follows:

Trunks feeling the pressure of SSB 1
Dragon Ball Super Episode 54 – Future Trunks feeling Super Saiyan Blue’s overwhelming pressure

For Super Saiyan God and Blue, there are two ways to power up:

  • A Saiyan, when he is familiar with the forms, can transform naturally without much effort.
  • Otherwise, he needs to dig deep and push hard to manifest the Ki within (for which they scream out loud) and convert that into God Ki by raising their level of consciousness.

When a Saiyan transforms via the first way, there’s no room for regular Ki users to sense his Ki as the God Ki stored within is spontaneously manifested. Same is the case for Ultra Instinct. This could be why Frieza Hit and Jiren couldn’t sense it and can only judge its power by its heat emission and damage impact. The Gods also do not power up as they don’t find the need to do so. One exception is Goku Black. But since he has the body of a Saiyan, he required powering up.

Regarding the second way to power up, the user has to use stamina for the conversion process. During this, he raises his normal Ki level. Assuming full focus on energy sensing, regular Ki users can sense this rise in power. Frieza and Hit probably used the small time gap between the conversion to sense the normal Ki of Goku and Vegeta while they were transforming into Super Saiyan Blue (+Kaio-ken).

Androids like 17 & 18 use artificial means to power up their Ki. That is why they cannot sense even regular Ki of others. Sensing God Ki is a no-no as well.

Can God Ki and Regular Ki co-exist within a user’s body?

Yes, both God Ki and Regular Ki can co-exist within a user’s body. Deities not only are born with Divine energy but they can manifest regular Ki as well. Goku is able to sense King Kai’s normal Ki and Merus was able to camouflage his God Ki with regular Ki.

image 1
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 199 & Dragon Ball Super Chapter 63

Even though he is stronger than Frieza, Moro can’t sense God Ki. He didn’t undergo any sort of intense training at all. He simply grew stronger by absorbing the energy of others. Therefore, there’s no way his life energy wave pattern would be anywhere as refined and smooth as Merus’s.

In the Majin Buu arc, Dabura sensed the Supreme Kai and Kibito’s presence along with Goku and the others behind the rocks. But, he mentioned that he and Babidi cannot use the energy from the Supreme Kai or Kibito. This means that both the beings have normal Ki which Dabura could sense and they have God Ki as well which cannot be used in the resurrection of Majin Buu.

0253 011 1024x525 1
Dragon Ball Z Chapter 253 – Dabura says their Divine energy cannot be used in reviving a devil like Buu

Mortals cannot use God Ki and normal Ki simultaneously. Handling God Ki requires a higher level of consciousness than normal Ki. Both the lower and higher levels cannot be manifest simultaneously.

The fact that Goten, in Battle of Gods arc, can sense Goku’s Ki when he transforms into a normal Super Saiyan (SSJ), post-God Ki acquisition, supports this idea. Same is the case when he reverts back to base form. However, when he was at Super Saiyan God, Gohan and the others couldn’t sense his Ki. In his base form, the God Ki acquired is still there, but is dormant due to drop in level of consciousness. Regular Ki manifests instead.

The Gods however, can choose to manifest either normal or God Ki at will due to higher levels of consciousness. Goku and Vegeta aren’t in that level yet.

Do you think the introduction of God Ki in the series make sense? Can other mortals, besides the Saiyans, trespass into the domain of the Gods and catch their attention? Let us know in the comments below!

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