Demon Slayer Manga Will End in May, Licensor Claims

Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba will be coming to an end in May 2020 as rumoured, a licensor for the manga confirmed.

Anabel Espada Norma, who works as an editor for Norma Editorial, which licenses the Demon Slayer manga for the spanish speaking audiences shared the information through a live stream video that the manga will be coming to an end in May. The information went viral after Yonkou Productions shared the video (the video however, has been taken down currently)

When asked how she was aware of when the manga would end, Norma said that they were informed in advance by Shueisha about the final stretches of the manga including the period of the hiatus (due to COVID-19) and the ending date of the manga so that they can adjust their work accordingly.

“They let us know because we need to adjust our work depending on the simul-pub. We have teams waiting for chapters to come or not, and in the very moment something changes, or maybe a chapter has extra length, they let us know so we can adjust our work,” Norma said in the livestream.

The news comes after the previous chapter of Demon Slayer manga teased the climax of the series in its own way. An editor’s note at the ending of the chapter had all but confirmed that the manga will be coming to an end soon!

Fans were hoping that the manga will continue with a new arc, however, that does not seem to be the case. But then Koyoharu Gotouge could very well return after a break like Masashi Kishimoto did with Naruto Shippuden, with a time skip and other plot additions. While the future of the manga seems to be decided already, Shueisha could very well drop a surprise for us in the next chapter of Demon Slayer manga.

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