DBS Super Hero Movie Spoilers Reveal Gohan And Piccolo’s Brand New Forms

Piccolo and Gohan become Earth's greatest defenders reveals DBS Super Hero movie. Closing power gap between Goku and Vegeta

DBS Super Hero Reveals New Forms Of Gohan and Piccolo

WARNING: The following article contains major spoilers from DBS: Super Hero. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Japanese audiences got the chance to witness DBS Super Hero on June 11. Since then, Social Media has been brimming with spoilers about the contents of the film. Even with Broly or Battle of Gods, we haven’t seen this kind of rapidity.

Some folks have leaked the entire film on YouTube and other video streaming platforms, but our request is to officially support the makers by watching DBS Super Hero in theatres. Click here to check out the release dates in each country revealed thus far by Crunchyroll.

We don’t usually do spoiler coverage however, we’ve made an exception in this case as there’s been a lot of talk about DBS Super Hero spoilers, especially about the final boss and the main characters Gohan and Piccolo.

In this post, I’ll be talking about their new forms & abilities they receive while fighting the Red Ribbon Army, Gamma 1 & 2 and Cell Max.

The prime and legitimate sources of these spoilers are from DBSChronicles, DbsHype and Geekdom101. Full information credits goes to them, along with Herms for translations.

Without further adieu, let’s find out:

What Are Gohan And Piccolo’s New Forms In DBS Super Hero Movie?

1. Orange Piccolo

As we know from the trailers, Piccolo gets a new light green form called (Potential Unlocked)” 「ピッコロ(潜在能力解放). Fans have pointed out that Piccolo’s new form has the same name as Gohan’s Ultimate form in the video games (潜在能力解放, Senzainōryoku Kaihō – Potential Unleashed/Unlocked).

But it seems the film has another form left for him.

Officially speaking, the first hint of Gohan and Piccolo having something in store beyond their Ultimate or Potential Unleashed forms is given by Toriyama’s right-hand man Akio Iyoku in an edition of Weekly Dragon Ball News.

On June 10 (a day before the film hit Japanese theatres), DBSChronicles put out a spoiler confirming a new form of Piccolo which is beyond Potential Unleashed – Orange Piccolo.

Shenron granted Piccolo the form? What? Where? How?

After assimilating a ginormous amount of Tweets & Twitter comments, let me give the entire context of the scene.

After duking it out with Gamma 1 and realizing that the Red Ribbon Army has a more terrifying weapon in the making, Piccolo thought that the Dragon Team cannot win if Goku and Vegeta aren’t around. However, they’re so busy training on Beerus’ world that Bulma is unable to contact them.

Gohan is also busy with his insect research. Majin Buu is in a deep slumber. And to make matters worse, Dr. Hedo might have the weaknesses of Android 17 & 18, so they can’t be of much help either.

Realizing that the fate of the Earth rests entirely in Piccolo’s hands, he had no choice but to request that Dende unlock his potential, just as Guru did for Gohan, Dende, and Krillin on Namek.

Unfortunately, Dende is unable to do so because it is only possible after a certain age. He did, however, propose using the Dragon Balls after they had been upgraded.

Remember that Dende first upgraded the balls from granting just 1 wish to 3. Now he further upgraded it to perhaps make hard wishes “like wishing up millions of people or a planet” consume only 1 wish instead of 2.

Anyway, so Piccolo made the wish and received a brand new form – “Potential Capacity Liberation” according to the Japanese. The official English name isn’t out yet. However, Shenron also said a bonus was added as well.

As he was falling towards a deep underground chasm after getting whacked by Gamma 2, Piccolo’s body began radiating an orange glow and out popped a slightly bigger Piccolo with an orange tint.

Orange Piccolo (Twitter) in DBS Super Hero movie
Orange Piccolo

And yes, Piccolo grows into a giant in that Orange form, just like in the 23rd Tenkaichi Budokai against Goku in OG Dragon Ball. Krillin reminds him as they face off against Cell Max, Dr. Hedo’s brainchild and the RRA’s ultimate weapon.

Toriyama comments on Piccolo’s new form, stating that his battle is finally on par with “Goku and Co.”

The translation of the above comment goes as follows:

“Orange Piccolo”

My favorite character is Piccolo, because of his quiet stoicism. It’s rare to see him talk and run around as much as he does this time around, and this is also probably the first time he’s gotten a proper transformation.

Since he doesn’t have any hair to stick straight up, I tried making him really buff instead. But I figured on its own this would make it kinda hard to tell he had transformed, so I also made him orange, although there are probably still times when it’s hard to tell the difference between this and his normal form.

Maybe I should’ve made it a bit more over-the-top, but personally, I’m just happy that he’s finally obtained battle power on par with Goku and co.

Doesn’t the name “Orange Piccolo” sound like something he’d come up with? Since Piccolo’s not good at naming things.

Since this movie is a sequel to Broly, my opinion is he’s referring to Goku and Vegeta at the end of the Broly movie, i.e., Perfected Super Saiyan Blue Goku and Vegeta.

Ultra Instinct and Ultra Ego are Manga forms so he might not have included those, just to not confuse anybody, because the Manga clearly states Gas and Granolah to be the current strongest mortals in the Universe.


He’s referring to Orange Piccolo being in the realm of Goku and Vegeta’s power. But since Toriyama is referring to just battle power, it doesn’t necessarily mean Orange Piccolo ~ Goku and Vegeta in an overall sense.

It’s kinda vague but now we know for sure that Piccolo, with the help of the wish, can now beat up Universally threatening villains. But for now, he still has to hone that form.

Why Orange though? Does it have something to do with the color of the Dragon Balls?

Maybe. The Namekians were their creators so to speak (by taking fragments of the Super Dragon Balls) and their purpose is to aid the brave Namekian warriors at the time of need (according to Moori and Monaito in the Granolah arc). So the possibility exists.

However, I personally feel Shenron gave Piccolo the Orange color as a tribute to Kami for creating the Dragon Balls on Earth. Shenron addresses Piccolo as “Piccolo-Sama” in this film. So the Dragon has a great amount of respect for him.

Also, the red eyes on Orange Piccolo might be borrowed from Dragon Ball Online, which Toriyama was greatly involved in. Several Namekians have displayed the ability to take on an unnamed red-eyed form that increases their power exponentially.

Red-eyed Namekian form
The Dark Warrior takes on the Red-eyed Namekian form

But what about the symbol on Piccolo’s back?

The DBS Super Hero novelization explains that the crest on Orange Piccolo’s back is formed from the image of a Namekian Ajisa tree, representing Namekian pride. The circle represents Shenron, while the inner sphere and connected section represent the Ajisa tree.

Orange Piccolo symbol explained scaled
Source: Twitter
Ajisa Tree - Planet Namek
Ajisa Trees on Namek

Dende reveals that the crops are cultivated only to enhance the beauty of their planet.

Dragon Ball Z: Kakarot reveals another intriguing fact about these trees. Ajisa Oranges grow on the roots of Ajisa trees in the Sub Story “Rogue Chef Melone.” If consumed by members of Melone’s race it triggers a special reaction in the body that temporarily increases their power several-fold.

The Ajisa Oranges may be symbolically relevant to Piccolo’s orange color in his new form. However, we don’t know the extent of his abilities.

It may or may not be a Toriyama idea but hey, it fits together.

2. Gohan Beast

So far, nothing about Gohan’s new form is mentioned in the movie or the light novel. So I’m almost totally in the dark. However, Toriyama too commented on Gohan’s new form and gave the name “Son Gohan Beast”.

He stated that the name is such to signify the awakening of the beast within Gohan.

The translation of the above comment goes as follows:

“Son Gohan Beast”

Gohan’s had quite a few transformations in the past, but this time he needed to awaken to a new one.

Gohan has achieved his own unique evolution, based off the sort of awakenings he had as a boy. I’ve even named this transformation “Son Gohan Beast”, in the sense that the wild beast within him has awakened.

For the design, I tried drawing him with a scary face and pale skin, but somehow this didn’t feel like Gohan, so in an effort to improve it, I added big upturned hair. This went over surprisingly well: everything said “it looks so cool!” which actually made me feel humbly grateful.

Frankly, I’m not sure what sort of design I should use if I ever transform him even further (laughs).

In Episode 90 of Dragon Ball Super titled “Staring down the wall to be overcome! Goku Vs Gohan”, Goku tests Gohan’s regained sense of power in preparation for the Tournament of Power. Gohan powers up his Ultimate Form to the fullest, stating that the charge up is his current full power at that time.

In reply to Goku’s question “You aren’t gonna use Super Saiyan?”, Gohan says the following:

Gohan takes a different path from Goku's
Gohan’s new path

So the folks at the Dragon Room probably remembered this scene in the Anime and decided to make it happen. And it is a different method than Goku’s.

In the film, Gohan witnesses an unconscious Piccolo held by the palm of Cell Max as the Kaiju Monster cries out victoriously.

The following sequence shows Gohan experiencing the exact same shock when Perfect Cell smashed Android 16’s head with his foot. The rage filling his entire body spewed out at once as Gohan screams to power up to a brand new transformation.

In this state, his hair turns light gray of the same color as Perfected Ultra Instinct and lengthens to match his old Super Saiyan 2 hairstyle but even lengthier this time around, resulting his overall hair structure tilting backwards to a large degree, and finally with a single large bang in front reaching down to his chest. His aura retains its bluish-white glow, and he gains a reddish-magenta inner aura shrouded by magenta lightning.

Dragon Ball Wiki

OMG! Gohan Blanco is Canon! Toriyama really brought Gohan Blanco into the main lore??!!

Not really. Actually, the form’s white hair and red eyes resemble the Kanzenban-colored version of SSJ Goku by Toriyama.

Super Saiyan Goku (Kanzenban Edition)
Super Saiyan Goku with Toriyama’s colors

There are some similarities when you think about it.

Both are activated with rage and didn’t hesitate to make their opponents suffer.

When Gohan transformed into SSJ2 and his Ultimate Form, the jump in power & abilities went into his head and he became overconfident (more so against Cell).

However, he was just confident in DBS Super Hero’s climactic battle. Cell Max manifested a huge ball of Ki which can be observed even from Space. But Gohan didn’t tremble in fear. In fact, he smiled.

That tells me that Gohan knew exactly what he needs to do and proceeds to charge up for an Earth-splitting Special Beam Cannon, which he has been secretly practicing.

This time, he didn’t prolong the fight or toy with his opponent. He transformed, gave a huge ass kick & pointed two fingers to his forehead & unleashed Piccolo’s signature move.

If this continues, it truly is a different pathway from the Saiyans. Goku and Vegeta love to prolong their battles by testing themselves from various angles. Thus, showcasing how Gohan is maturing in DBS Super Hero movie as a character.

However, Future Trunks likes to get the job done ASAP. And if Gohan was his teacher in the future timeline, then present timeline Gohan might incorporate that mindset as well. But only time will tell…

“Awakening the beast within” tells me this is Gohan’s primal instincts unleashed in conjunction with his Ultimate form. It’s the animal-like rage he feels when a dear one is on the brink of death or has died. Its power rises exponentially.

Just like Broly, his power level explodes in that state and drops when he calms down (just like against Raditz). But in this case, he’s able to hone it better by unleashing it into a new form. Seems like Gohan and Piccolo can finally train with Goku just like in the Android Saga.

Goku wants Gohan to be his training partner
Dragon Ball Super Episode 90 – Will Gohan be Goku’s training partner along with Vegeta & Broly in the future? Seems to me Goku’s words are slowly becoming true

So what do you think of Gohan’s and Piccolo’s new forms in DBS Super Hero? Let us know in the comments below!

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