Clip Of Japanese Reporter Accidentally Opening One Piece Meme During Broadcast Is Found Fake

The clip was uploaded by a "Professional Meme man".

Whitebeard One Piece

A clip which shows a Japanese reporter accidentally opening the trending One Piece meme on her phone during a live weather broadcast has been making rounds in the One Piece fandom, much to the delight of fans.

For many, that video turned out to be a testament to how famous the meme had become, and some websites even proceeded to report it.

However, Animehunch Team decided to do some digging, and came to know that the clip in question is actually an edited version.

Incidentally, the user (@BlueEyed1412) whose tweet featuring the clip went viral, claims to be a “Professional Meme Man” in their bio, and has a slew of similar anime memes on their account.

The original video of the Japanese reporter is almost two years old. The name of the reporter is Ayame Muto, who was a part of Weather News. In the original video she accidentally opens a different app, and not the One Piece meme, on her phone which was connected to the live stream.

Aa-chan, as she is commonly known by her fans, is not even a part of Weather News anymore.

This clip was edited to superimpose a scene from Whitebeard’s iconic phrase at Marineford, “the One Piece is real”. The phrase became a meme when fans started spamming it in comment section on social media platforms.

The dialogue became mainstream after Patrick Fabian from Better Call Saul included it in one of his videos.

Whitebeard One Piece

Ayame Muto’s mishap during the broadcast has been used for other memes too in the past.

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