Black Clover: Is There A Spade Kingdom Spy In The Heart or Clover Kingdoms?

The Heart and Clover Kingdoms in the Black Clover Manga are at battle with their not-so-friendly neighbor Spade Kingdom. The dangers are evident, with the Tree of Qliphoth and Megicula being right at the center. The forces of both the kingdoms have only a few days to save their countries from an apocalypse.

However, the path taken by the flag-bearers of this apocalypse has been too systematic until now, as if they’re fully informed of every activity going on in all the kingdoms. The attacks, appearances, and ambush (wow, what an alliteration) have been meticulously planned, and there is definitely something brewing.

So, let’s confront the biggest possibility: is there a wolf in sheep’s clothing (and I mean aside from Charmy’s magic :P) in the Heart Kingdom? Sounds sus? Worry not. Here are the instances that point towards the involvement of a spy:

Reasons to believe there is a spy

At first glance, there is much reason to believe that exists a spy in the Heart Kingdom. However, on closer inspection, some incidents do stand out, raising doubts in our minds about information being leaked to the enemies.

The first attack on Lolopechika:

Sometime before Asta visiting the Heart Kingdom, Lolopechika was cursed by Megicula, who is residing in Vanica. Vanica had infiltrated the Heart Kingdom. She managed to find the Queen, curse her, and flee undefeated by Undine, Gadjah, and Lolopechika herself. We already know that Lolopechika’s mana is present in every nook and corner of her kingdom. She also has Undine, the water spirit, who helps her know everything that’s happening. Additionally, there are Five Spirit Guardians on the defense of the Heart Kingdom.

When Asta & others visited the kingdom, we saw how careful and diligent they were in maintaining security. Then how exactly did Vanica get into the Heart Kingdom so easily? She not only knew where the Queen’s castle was but also knew where to find the Queen herself. It makes no sense because the Heart Kingdom is shown to be very secretive.

Lolopechika's curse

Location of the squad bases:

When Dante & Zenon attacked Black Bulls and Golden Dawn, they knew the pinpointed location of both the squads’ bases. It is known that Black Bulls’ base is hard to find, so we can assume that it is the same with Golden Dawn. There must be protective magic around the bases.

Yet, Zenon walked right into the Golden Dawn’s castle which surprised the squad members too. What’s more, the Black Bulls’ base was not even in the Clover Kingdom, it was on the border of Spade Kingdom, in a neutral region. Dante seemed very assured of his destination as if he had full knowledge of the hideout. Both Dante and Zenon seem calm like they had kept an eye on the activities of the squads.

The bases of Golden Dawn and Black Bulls are attacked

The magic level of Yami & William:

We see Dante and Zenon calling Yami and William “arcane stage” mages. Arcane stage mages are people with magic that defies standard conventions. The Clover Kingdom started using the magic stages system after training with the Heart Kingdom. Even if the Spade Kingdom used this beforehand, it should not have been an easily obtainable information that who is classified into which stage. Them knowing that William and Yami exist and their arcane magic will be the key to the Tree of Qliphoth…too coincidental in my opinion. They specifically targeted Yami and William because of their magic.

Dante and Zenon knew the levels of Yami and WIlliam

The concentrated attack on Heart Kingdom’s citizens:

Simultaneously, the Heart Kingdom was under attack by Vanica and her minions. While Vanica was focused on killing Lolopechika, her subordinates were wrecking chaos in the kingdom. However, these were not random attacks. They specifically attacked at places that are densely populated by the citizens of the kingdom. Vanica wanted to enrage Lolopechika by doing this. Again, for someone who was in the Heart Kingdom for time just enough to curse Lolopechika, she sure knows a lot about the kingdom.

The Heart Kingdom under attack by Vanica

Is there a mole in the Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom?

All the above incidents force you to think that if indeed there is a spy, it has to be someone with good knowledge of both the kingdoms. They should be in a high up place too, to know the bases, classification, and even the places densely populated.

Once these points are in the picture, we can say that the Five Spirit Guardians of the Heart Kingdom are our first & foremost suspects. First, they were tasked with training the Magic Knights of the Clover Kingdom. They naturally know what level, spells, magic, and so of every knight. They might have also picked up things via interaction with the trainees as well as Lolopechika. And of course, they know about the Heart Kingdom through and through. It is one of the best positions to be in the loop of the activities of both the kingdoms. And with their level of magic, it is not too difficult to find a way for communication.

Second, when Vanica and her followers attacked the Heart Kingdom a few chapters ago, only ONE of the Spirit Guardians remained undefeated. The Spirit Guardians are supposed to be the strongest mages of the kingdom, and some puny followers defeated them so quickly? Also, to note that the same followers were (at least once) defeated by the Clover Kingdom knights.

So, if someone was indeed faking loyalty, they had two options. One, to either pretend defeat to not come under suspicion. Or two, if it is Gadjah (who looks VERY pissed in the following panel), win to prove that he’s still fighting for the kingdom with his life.

Four of the five Spirit Guardians are defeated
Gadjah wins

I can even go as far as saying that the hypothetical mole might also be directly or indirectly under the influence of Megicula too. To be honest, it is a perfect disguise for a cunning person to be a Spirit Guardian. Not to mention very convenient. They might be behind power, riches, or might even be driven out of pure spite/devotion as the case may be.

But, for the sake of argument, let’s say there is no mole there.

Could the spy be someone else? Or is Megicula playing at something?

I doubt Tabata-sensei would play the hand of a squad captain being a traitor again. My other guesses aren’t as strong but might as well evaluate them.

  • The Devil Believers: The devil believers were adamant about achieving the devil’s powers, even after being banished from the Clover Kingdom. We don’t know if they reached the Spade Kingdom or not, but they might be on a mission in the Heart Kingdom if they did. They might also be posing as innocent citizens in the kingdom to dig information since they already knew a lot about the Clover Kingdom.
  • Morris: The psycho doctor from the Diamond Kingdom might be a source of information too, as he used to control the king of his kingdom. He was also responsible for sending Mars and Lotus on the mission to raid the dungeon. Geuldre Poizot (the ex-captain of Purple Orca) must have told him about the powers of the knights in the Clover Kingdom.
  • Augustus Kira Clover XIII: We know he is a baka king, and he will do anything to protect his luxury lifestyle and position as the king. He might have made a trade with the Spade Kingdom in his foolishness (really not surprising at all) and might have given up valuable information.
  • Megicula/Other devils: Since there are so many devils that have so many people under their influence already (especially Megicula), what is to say there isn’t the presence of Megicula or any other devil in the Clover & Heart Kingdoms too? Also, does the curse on Lolopechika’s body mean something? We know that the curse’s location can be tracked, but what if that gives remote access to Lolopechika’s mind? That would suck big time because that would mean everything has been going downhill since day 1!

Y’all hella sus. Who is the real imposter?

Now that we’re at the end, I don’t know if I am reading too much between the lines or going in the right direction. The reactions of the characters do feel like they’re hinting at the play of some underhanded method. What do you think? Read the Black Clover manga’s latest chapters on Viz, and tell me your theories if you have any!

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