Attack On Titan Editor Says No One Can Complain About The Final Chapter

He was of the opinion that Isayama could draw whatever he wanted to draw.

Shintaro Kawakubo Attack On Titan

In a recent interview, Weekly Shonen Magazine editor Shintaro Kawakubo revealed that he told Isayama that no one can complain about the final chapter of Attack on Titan.

Kawakubo explained that, while he told these words to Isayama before the final chapter was published, he didn’t mean to say that everyone who read the chapter would find it interesting. Instead, Kawakubo wanted to tell Isayama that he could draw whatever he wanted and that no one had the right to complain about what he decided to draw.

“I think when Hajime Isayama started this series eleven years and seven months ago, he wanted to showcase certain stories and emotions in it. He started drawing the manga because he wanted to portray those things, and he ended up being able to draw whatever he wanted, so I don’t think anyone has the right to complain about it,” the editor said.

However, once the final chapter of Attack on Titan was published, it ended up receiving a lot of criticism and Isayama was bothered by it. So Kawakubo felt that his initial words might not have been expressed correctly and he once again reassured the author by saying that if he could draw something the way he wanted to draw, no one had the right to deny him from doing so.

The editor then went on to reveal something that Isayama had told him a long time ago about how to deliver a message in a comic.

According to Isayama, if you have something you want to convey, you don’t necessarily have to draw the manga as you want to convey it.

“If I wanted to tell people that ‘you must not kill people’, it would probably not make sense to tell them ‘you must not kill people’. Because all seven billion people in the human race already know that ‘you must not kill people’ and the killing still doesn’t stop. So then maybe the words ‘you must not kill people’ are meaningless,” Kawakubo quoted Isayama.

“If that is the case, then the words ‘It’s okay to kill people’ may be more meaningful if you only look at the results, because people who hear it may think, ‘What are you talking about, killing people is wrong’,” he added.

The editor cited this message to say that all the hate that chapter 139 of Attack on Titan was getting for being “pro-killing” proved that the message of “killing is not good” was delivered successfully to the audiences.

The final chapter of Attack on Titan was published on April 9, 2021. The fandom was essentially split on how Isayama had decided to end the series, with calls for a rewrite of the ending being made. In fact, a certain section of the fandom was so disappointed that they decided to draw and release their own version of the ending.

MAPPA is currently animating the final season of Attack on Titan. The final part of the final season will release in 2023.

Source: Gendai Media

  • “what he wanted to draw”
    what a delusional, disgusting editor this guy is. he has already made isayama change so much of what he originally planned, so don’t come with that BS, trying to defend your stupid ending that you yourself wanted. The horrible ending wasn’t Isayamas fault, it was The Kawakubo Shintaros fault. He is known to massacre endings by forcing it into a romcom. Just look at this other works.
    You deserve all the shit, not Isayama.

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