Anieve 2023: An Anime Event Showcasing Assam’s Biggest Anime Festival

The event also screened Slime-Scarlet Bond Movie for 165 lucky attendees at no additional cost.


Assam, one of the North Eastern states and an integral part of India, witnessed an unprecedented celebration of anime and Japanese culture at the Anieve 2023 event, the region’s inaugural Anime Festival on August 7, 2023.

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The event was hosted by City Center Mall and organized by Spiel Anime x Assam Senpai Society, the event brought together over 60 passionate cosplayers and 500 registered attendees, a diverse array of local artists, and an enthusiastic audience of anime aficionados.

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The event started at 12:00 PM and continued until 9:00 PM, providing an immersive experience that spanned across hours of pure Anime content.

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The day concluded on a thrilling note with the soul-stirring melodies of Bihu (Pak Pak), a traditional dance form, and the resonant sounds of Jatiya Xongit (O Mur Apunar Dekh), leaving a lasting impression on the audience.

The event welcomed over 60 cosplayers, with 30 participants engaging in a captivating cosplay competition, while the rest showcased casual cosplays.

Anieve 2023 also served as a platform for local artists, traditional handicraft makers, and new shops dedicated to anime products to showcase their creative offerings.

Attendees immersed themselves in a fusion of tradition and pop culture, participating in traditional Japanese games such as the chopstick challenge. This innovative blend recreated Japanese aesthetics.

Furthermore, Anieve 2023 witnessed a historic gathering of cosplayers, setting a new benchmark for Assam. A riveting cosplay competition with a prize pool of 20,000 INR attracted participants from various corners of the region.

Distinguished judges, with over a decade of experience, graced the event from Aizawl, adding prestige to the competition.

The event also had dynamic performances, including a captivating band performance by Trishool, who exclusively performed Japanese songs.

The Assam Beatbox Community mesmerized the audience with their guest performance, infusing the event with musical prowess.

It also featured an array of engaging activities, including anime games, open mic performances, and a distinct cosplay ramp walk. The event’s stage radiated energy and creativity, providing attendees with a holistic entertainment experience.

The event also screened That Time I Reincarnated As A Slime: The Movie- Scarlet Bond for 165 lucky attendees, who enjoyed an anime film screening at no additional cost. PVR Cinemas, a dedicated partner, pledged to elevate the cinematic experience even further with promises of upcoming Anime film screenings.

The first 100 attendees, winners, and lucky recipients were rewarded with captivating gift hampers. These hampers included exclusive Anieve T-shirts, personalized letters, anime posters, keychains, and bookmarks, allowing participants to carry a piece of Anieve’s charm back home.

Anieve 2023 left an indelible mark on Assam’s cultural landscape, celebrating the convergence of anime, creativity, and tradition. The event’s resounding success has set a new standard for anime festivals in the region, and its legacy promises even greater delights in the years to come.

The event was a collaboration between City Center Mall and Spiel Anime x Assam Senpai Society, bringing together a spirited community.

Source: Press Release.

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