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How Strong Is Code In Boruto? Is He Stronger Than Isshiki?

Code Boruto

Code has become an important part of the Boruto series, especially since the reveal of his “White Karma Seal”. After inheriting Isshiki Otsutsuki’s Will to become the Otsutsuki God, Code is a man on a mission. He intends to sacrifice Kawaki or Boruto to the ten-tails in order to gain the Chakra Fruit, which will take him closer to his goal. In order to do so, Code has to face some formidable opponents like Naruto, Sasuke, and potentially Momoshiki (Borushiki) too. 

Hence, Code needs to be on top of his game and fight to accomplish his goal. But, is he strong enough? Let’s understand Code’s powers in detail! 

What Are Code’s Powers? 

Being the only survivor of Jigen’s ritual alongside Kawaki, you can expect him to be quite formidable. Here’s a list of the failed vessel’s powers:

Insane Physical Strength: 

Code is nothing less than a monster when it comes to strength. In chapter 56 of the Boruto manga, Amado stated that the failed vessel’s combat strength surpasses Jigen’s! This is not a claim one would casually make, as we’ve seen what havoc he can create. Jigen man-handled Naruto and Sasuke. The biggest reason as to why the two won against Isshiki, who’s even stronger was due to Naruto’s Baryon Mode. This monstrous power of Code gets further enhancement due to his modified body. Code can transform parts of his body to use them as weapons. From what we’ve seen so far, he can transform his hands into huge, lethal claw-like weapons to attack his opponents. 

Code Belt Space time ninjutsu
Code Space time ninjutsu

He can also create several black bands (similar to a belt) which he can use to catch his enemies. Using these bands, Code can teleport on anything that is covered by the band. He can also send only a part of his body to attack, his claws for example. This ability is insane, as it will come in clutch for Code, both offensively and defensively.

It is possible that these black bands allow Code to travel through dimensions, as the ability is similar to Kamui, the Mangekyo Sharingan of Obito Uchiha. 


Code seems to be a fast and agile individual. From what little we have seen, he doesn’t seem to waste any time when attacking and he’s quite adept at using his abilities. Since Amado mentions that Code is stronger than Jigen, the former should be close to the latter’s speed. 

Is Code Stronger Than Jigen? 

If we had to answer in one word, then, Yes, Code is stronger than Jigen. A lot of fans must be wondering why? Let us get right to it.

For starters, Amado states that Code is stronger than Jigen. First of all, he mentioned that he had to put limiters on Code so that Jigen remains the strongest in Kara; making his strength clear. However, we know that fans would like to know more about this. Here are some reasons we could find: 

Amado talks about Code

How Strong Is Code?

Code being a pseudo vessel of Isshiki, he has inherited all of the power of the Otsutsuki. Whereas, Jigen’s body was never compatible with Isshiki. Isshiki was only living off of Jigen like a parasite. Hence, Jigen’s powers are pale in comparison to Code thanks to him being a vessel. This makes Code stronger than Jigen and also puts him above Naruto and Sasuke in comparison. As we all know that Jigen alone man-handled both of our heroes. A detailed explanation is up ahead.

Isshiki taking over Jigen by entering his ear

After Kaguya back-stabbed Isshiki and left him to die, Isshiki found a novice monk named Jigen. The Otsutsuki then entered Jigen’s body through his ear and started absorbing nutrients from him and gaining control over him. Eventually, Jigen was infested with a Karma mark but he was incompatible with the Otsutsuki’s seal. Hence, Jigen was looking for a new vessel. 

This is crucial information as we know that Isshiki couldn’t exercise even half of his true strength because of the limitations put by Jigen’s frail body. On the other hand, Code managed to survive a direct Karma infestation, which is way stronger than a slow process of implanting the Karma seal. Hence, Code’s body is more compatible with Isshiki’s power, giving him the edge when it comes to strength. So that brings us to the question…

Is Code Stronger Than Isshiki?

We’ve made it loud and clear that Code is stronger than Jigen; but what about the true monster? Can Code win against Isshiki? The straightforward answer is no. While this is with Code’s limiters, we don’t believe that Code would become stronger than Isshiki. This is a very important question as Isshiki is undoubtedly the strongest character in the Narutoverse, bar Kaguya and Momoshiki (debatable). The only way Code can grow as strong as Isshiki or more is by consuming the chakra fruit.

Code’s loyalty towards Isshiki: 

Code was considered to be Jigen’s right hand in the Kara Organisation, as he was completely devoted to Isshiki. In fact, he considered Otsutsukis as gods. Code’s loyalty was the sole reason why he was allowed to live. He proved this loyalty as he accepted to be implanted with limiters so that Jigen remains the strongest.

Isshiki appears before Jigen

This undeviating loyalty towards his God let Code’s White Karma flourish and grow exponentially; whereas Jigen’s body constantly rejected Jigen and Karma’s power. 

So, what do you think? Code’s scaling is hard to predict as of right now as we know very little about him and he surely has to have a few aces up his sleeves. However, it stills feels far-fetched for Code to be as strong as Isshiki. But one thing’s confirmed, Code is the next big, bad villain in Boruto. Comment your thoughts about Code below!

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