What Was Nimura Furuta’s Goal And Ambition?

What was Nimura Furuta's goal

Nimura Furuta also known as Kichimura Washuu was the main antagonist in Tokyo Ghoul series. For people who have watched the show and read the manga, he is quite an enigmatic character whose motives were not completely revealed even at the end.

Maybe Sui Ishida purposely kept it that way, but that hasn’t stopped the fans from speculating what could have been his ultimate aim and what “super peace” actually meant for him.

Who was Nimura Furuta?

Kichimaru Washuu or Nimura Furuta as he was known in the CCG was an illegitimate son of Tsuneyoshi Washuu, the former CCG chairman, and was raised in the sunlit gardens with Kishou Arima and Rize Kamishiro among others.

He later became a high ranking member of V and an investigator at CCG partnering with Shiki Kijima.

He is shown to have carried out multiple atrocious acts throughout the series including causing the accident that killed Rize, wiping out the Washuu clan and unleashing the dragon on Tokyo that led to the deaths of numerous people and ghoulification of many.

It is assumed that each action he carried out were to further his goals. But then,

What exactly was Nimura Furuta’s goal and aim?

Super Peace

This is the illegitimate Washuu’s most famous dialogue. During the third raid on Cochlea, Furuta faced off with Eto Yoshimura, the one eyed ghoul, who was imprisoned at the detention centre. During the fight Furuta reveals his single Kakugan (which he got thanks to Kanou’s experiments) and then goes on to overpower Eto.

When asked what his goals were, Nimura famously replies Super Peace!

Nimura Furuta replies Super Peace
Source: Manga Stream

At the time everyone thought that he wanted to bring down all the ghouls so that humans could live in peace. But towards the end that clearly did not seem to be his motive as he unleashed the Dragon using Ken Kaneki, which later began ghoulifying the whole of Tokyo. 

So by Super peace did Furuta mean that he wanted to eliminate humans and create a world with only ghouls? Without many humans to consume, it won’t be a balanced world for the ghouls to live in for sure.

However, that’s not how things turned out to be. His actions eventually made the ghouls and humans come together and defeat their common enemy. 

So did Furuta plan to bring together the humans and ghouls all along? 

Furuta refers the dragon to be the “final boss” which according to many fans means that Furuta always aimed to create a common enemy for the ghouls and humans. Also the dragon cells are later shown to be very useful for its various abilities.

Eliminating Washuu, taking control of CCG, creating Oggai and finally unleashing the dragon on Tokyo to break the cage and bring forth peace between ghouls and humans seems like Furuta’s thing.

The only flaw in the plan is the mass casualties that take place.

But where does Rize fit into all of this, because we know that his feelings for the binge eater fuelled him to take some of the actions that we mentioned previously. So what if Furuta’s motive was something else altogether.

Being Together with Rize

It is heavily implied, or rather, it is very well known that Furuta was in love with Rize. Though it is believed that Furuta got manipulated by Rize into helping her escape, he really did care about her.

So did Furuta actually want t be together with Rize for the rest of his life?

But then Furuta was the one who was responsible for Rize’s death. Remember the steel beam accident? Furuta, disguised as the clown Souta, was responsible for it. But then Rize didn’t exactly die in the incident. Click here to read what happened to Rize in Tokyo Ghoul.

So why try to kill Rize ?

Rize had long been a target for both Aogiri and V. Maybe Furuta’s twisted mind came up with this idea to kill Rize himself so that she won’t fall into the wrong hands. And then, when Aogiri was wiped out and Dragon was unleashed, revive her using the dragon cells and spend the rest of his life with the girl he loved.

But then wasn’t Furuta only supposed to live till 30 or something?

Yes he was, but with the dragon cells, it would be possible for him to live longer now, due its revival abilities. This theory is kind of over the top, but knowing what kind of a person Furuta is, you can’t totally ignore it.

Or Furuta could have attempted to kill Rize as a revenge for having fooled him. Rize did play with Furuta’s feelings you know. She used him to escape the clutches of the Washuu family and the V.

This brings us to the third assumption, 

Furuta just wanted to play with the world!

There are people who believe that Furuta is selfish to the core. He was also a psychopath who was on the verge of a breakdown due to his emotional instability (his backstory and the whole thing about being treated as an inferior).

So it could be possible that whatever actions he carried out were not part of a bigger goal and were only done to satiate himself and his twisted sense of curiosity.

There is no rhyme or reason for his actions. Like Alfred tells Bruce Wayne, some people just like to watch the world burn. He seemed to be carrying out all these acts of random genocide and takeovers which atleast on surface had no reason, unless you choose to believe one of the reasons mentioned above.

Some me
Furuta is a psychopath
Furuta wants to burn the world?

Furuta was not expected to live much beyond 30 years. Maybe he wanted to use the world as his plaything before dying and amuse himself, without having much of an end goal. In the anime, his final words to Kaneki somehow support this.

This analysis justifies his actions the best, however it could also be that Ishida used him as a plot tool rather than a character with real goals and ambitions. Especially after the Rose extermination arc, Furuta seems to be controlling everything like a master chess player, making him very Aizen-isque.

He pitched all sides against one another and reaped the benefits out of it, eventually climbing to a position where he could control everything.

But the ambiguity remains. 

It is one aspect which makes Tokyo Ghoul worth watching again and again. Do you agree that Furuta’s goal could be one of these, or do you have a theory of your own, we’d like to hear from you.

  • Wtf I’m so sick and tired of everyone not understanding him be it the main character vise versa which he is as Furuta. First and foremost his name is not Kichimura it is Washuu given name. Furuta is what he identified as. But his real name is Feral. But that’s not the point here no. The point is. Furuta is not a psychopath he is both sociopath and psychopath and not. His reasons are beyond anyone else’s understanding unless you know about him the main character. Also he is immune he does not die same way as others making him the different than others. Not just that but he’s special than others are. He is the chosen one after all. As for his reasons world is fucked and so was his life. He hates Rize who used him and betrayed him. Everyone lied to him. His past is unknown for a good reason. Expect for the main character. Which he is. Only Ken, Kaneki comes across as pure kind which is reason why he saved him not just bc he is kind and pure himself but he saw that well before anyone else did. To understand Feral / Furuta. You need to understand where he came from and his past which you don’t understand at all. Read the manga again if you mis understanding everything about him clearly you all of you do. First it’s reddits bullshit now it’s this article. It’s simple Feral / Furuta is chosen one. Bc people and the world is not good enough and never will be. He wants to destroy everything. All of it. To make it new again. That’s it. Don’t say shit that’s misinformation I get that everyone is suppose to play that guess game until it goes to wrong obviously like here again. As he himself said you’d laugh if i told you just wanted to live a normal life would you? It’s not just that it’s everyone and the world’s fault entirely why he wants to destroye everything and hates it all. The end. That’s who he is. He was not that from completely pure to faded and completely darkness between the light. That’s Furuta. And Kichimura is nothing but a memory that never even existed lol. A given name that means nothing to him. It still is his but not the same way as Furuta identifies him as. That’s it. Hopefully this stops and people gotta realise he is the main character not some random ass villain. Bc he Feral / Furuta is not. That. Never ever that. Will never not will be that. The end.

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