What Is Kara’s Goal In Boruto: Naruto Next Generations?


Kara, the criminal organisation headed by Jigen (Isshiki Otsutsuki), was introduced in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations through war-veteran Ao after the Momoshiki Arc.

The Kara works from the shadows and is quite systematic. With outer and inner members, a group of elders, they have good connections with businessmen and people of power. However, the motives of the organisation have always remained ambiguous. What could Kara be plotting? What are their goals?

The following article contains spoilers from the Boruto: Nrauto Next Generations Manga. Read ahead at your own discretion.

What were Kara’s goals and motives?

Kara’s goal in Boruto is to harvest the chakra fruit by planting the God Tree. This was revealed clearly in Chapter 39; Page 19 of the manga, during a conversation between Jigen and Amado. Jigen also stated that both Boruto (revealed to have a Karma seal) and Kawaki ( infested with Jigen’s Karma) would become monstrous Otsutsukis.

final borushiki

Isshiki Ohtsutsuki, who possesed Jigen’s body had come to Earth with Kaguya in order to cultivate the God Tree and harvest the chakra fruit. However, Kaguya’s betrayal derailed their plans back then. Isshiki has been trying since then for a way to carry forward the plan.

As Amado would later reveal in the manga, an Ohtsusuki sacrifice was needed for the God Tree to grow. With Kaguya’s betrayal, Isshiki initially planned to sacrifice himself (Jigen) and resurrect into Kawaki’s body, his “perfect” vessel. But, they lost Kawaki due to an accident caused during his transit. As we know, Kawaki then landed in Naruto’s hands. This is crucial as it led to the discovery of Boruto’s Karma seal by Kashin Koji, an inner of the organisation. Jigen was quite happy about it, as he could have a better chakra fruit.

The Kara organisation were already on the lookout for Momoshiki’s vessel, after they learnt that he had been defeated. Since Isshiki’s body was not perfect, only a weak chakra fruit would be obtained by his sacrifice. However, that was not the case with the one who would have Momoshiki’s Karma seal.

While it seems like everybody’s working for Jigen, he did make an agreement with the inner members of Kara. Every inner member’s wish is to be fulfilled if the leader, Jigen could get the chakra fruit. While this has not been explored yet, we could speculate that the inners had ulterior motives for joining hands with Jigen/Isshiki Ohtsutsuki.

What were the Inners planning?

Boro, Delta, Code, Deepa and Victor could demand to rule over some sections of a newly established world; as the Chakra Fruit would suck out all life force of the planet. This could be the most predictable of choices, as one would expect only the ambitious to join such an organisation.

Amado and Kashin Koji on the other hand are out of the picture here, as they plotted on killing Jigen and possibly Isshiki Otsutsuki as well.
The only reason we can find for him risking his life to get rid of Isshiki would be his hate for the Otsutsukis.

It also seems like Amado had deep-rooted respect for the Late Legendary Sannin Jiraiya, whose DNA sample was used to create Kashin Koji, his partner in crime. However, Amado’s reasons for opposing Isshiki or Kara have not been made clear yet. Is Amado working on his own, or is he acting on someone else’s orders?

kashin koji

Maybe Amado assumed that Isshiki would not complete their agreement, as he would be strong enough to overpower anything and everything that exists.

For the inners, their goal is to get Jigen the chakra fruit and have their wishes fulfilled but for the outers, Kara is something else. Kara poses themselves as a sort of an underground society that wants to bring in a remarkable change in the world by using scientific ninja tools and overthrowing the Kages and Daimyos. But then,

Why did they use scientific ninja tools?

If Kara’s goal was to obtain the Chakra fruit, what could explain their love for scientific ninja tools? A big reason for this would be the poor condition of Isshiki’s vessel, Jigen. Using such scientific tools would boost his and other members of Kara’s power exponentially, leading to a higher rate of success.

The utility of the scientific ninja tools is evident, Delta and her “Destructive beam” are a prime example of it. Not only was she able to deal a fair bit of damage to Naruto, but her destructive beam is also capable enough to overpower even Naruto’s regeneration abilities!

bruh beam

It could have been used as a façade to bait in more members like Ao, who believe the tools to be a blessing and would bring a better change in the shinobi world, as the shinobis wouldn’t have to live tough lives even after losing their limbs.

To gain more support; they planned to display the scientific ninja tool’s power to the world. They put Katasuke Dono, Leader of Scientific Ninja Weapons Team Prosthetist of Konoha under genjutsu and had him manipulate Boruto into using the ninja tools during the Chunnin Exams; which was a huge success.

From what we’ve seen so far, Isshiki had a great approach towards this organisation, taking years to build it, only to be betrayed by Amado. However, it does play a crucial role in the series and is quite different from the previous organisation in the Naruto series called the “Akatsuki”.

While most of Kara’s inners have been dealt with, can we expect other members to step up to the occasion or witness the introduction of some inners who haven’t made an entry yet? Only time will tell! Till then comment your thoughts on Kara and their future below and read Boruto: Naruto Generations’ latest chapters for free on Viz! You can also buy Boruto Volume Manga Here on Amazon!

  • Kara did have potential. But the Story of Boruto completly destroyed that.
    The Reason: Otsutsuki. The whole Story of Boruto feels like, a late build up of Kaguya and her clan.

    If they had made the descision to not make Otsutsuki, then Kara would have had the chance to be a Orgination on the same level as Akatsuki.
    In the Form of making Kara an Anti-Shinobi Organisation, whose Goal it is, to destroy the shinobi system, and whos consists of former Shinobi and civilians who lost everthing because of the great shinobi war, which wasn’t their war.
    And some Members could be former Kumogakure Ninja with Byakugan (Don’t forget. Neijis Father was given to Kumoakure. It wasn’t said, if he was alive or not. We know he died, but they could have used him to create a Clan with bykugan in Kumogakure before he died.)
    Instead of Momoshikis attack, they could have made Kara attack. And they use scientific Ninja-tools to overpower the shinobi.

    Then we would have Antagonists with a deep Story, who are undestandable. Because, even with the CHanges that happened after Naruto became Hokage, there are still Rogue-Ninja and many small Nations.
    Then the conflict between tradition and the advancement of society and technology could be one of the Core-Points of the story.

    The Potential of these is great. Since the Peace the civilians have gained more power, so for me it is not understandable, why Boruto has only Shikamaru(a Shinobi) as advisor and not a second one who speaks for the civilians (no-Shinobi)

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