What Are The Powers Of The Attack Titan in Attack On Titan?


For several years, mankind had faced devastating defeats and annihilation against the Titans. The tables however turned at the Battle of Trost District when the Attack Titan made a surprise entrance and sided with the humans.

The Attack Titan is one of the intelligent Titans who was brought into the world after Ymir Fritz’s Founding Titan was split. It is currently in possession of Eren Yeager after he inherited it from his father Grisha Yeager when Wall Maria fell. Though at first Eren was not able to fully control the power of the titan, eventually his will to see the outside world dominated over and aligned with the titan’s natural instincts.

So for starters, we see that the Attack has a strong willpower and the desire to keep moving forward to seek freedom. But like the Armored Titan or the Beast Titan, does the Attak Titan too have any peculiar abilities? Let us take a look at the powers that the Attack Titan has!

The following part of the article contains major spoilers from the Attack on Titan manga. Read ahead at your own discretion!

Powers of the Attack Titan:

The Attack titan may look like any average heighted agile Titan that we see in the bizarre first moments of the series. But the weight that it bears is far more than anyone can imagine. This is due to one of its very peculiar powers that is revealed in Chapter 121 of the manga, The Attack Titan can see the future memories.

Ability to see Future memories:

We already know that Titan shifters can gain memories of the past inheritors of their Titan. This is possible to the existence of “Paths” something that transcends physical space. However, in case of the Attack Titan, the shifter is also able to see the memories of the Titan’s future inheritors. This ability is first revealed by Grisha Yeager in Chapter 121.

It seemed that even the Founding Titan (Freida Reiss) who had the power to see memories all Eldians at will was not aware of this peculiar ability of the Attack Titan!

Grisha Explains the power of Attack Titan

To be more precise, this means that just like the other Titan shifters gain the memories of their past users randomly or when certain criteria are fulfilled, the Attack Titan is able to receive memories of both its past and future inheritors (in bits and pieces of course). The glimpses that are fed to the user are vague but these can prove immensely useful to determine the fate of the world.

This power is actually foreshadowed in Attack on Titan Season 3 when we see Eren Kruger mentioning Mikasa and Armin. At this moment, he received the memory of a future inheritor of the Attack Titan. While it has not been confirmed whose memories Kruger saw, this inheritor in question could be either Grisha or Eren, as these are the only two inheritors who know about Eren and Mikasa.

Infact, in chapter 121, we see Eren from the future showing specific glimpses of the future to his father at his convenience. These memories actually shape the incidents at that moment and has led many to wonder if the Attack Titan indeed can change or influence the past and the future. Or even the existence of a time loop in Attack on Titan!

Physical Strength:

Along with fast regeneration ability and agility, it possess immense physical strength to carry a huge Marleyan ship or even a humongous boulder. Compared to its body to size ratio it is quite unimaginable if we take other Titan bodies in account. It was a marvellous presentation of the Attack titan’s vigor.

Hardening ability:

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Well, in the series so far we have seen Eren Yeager to be able to use his hardening ability. But this was possible only after he ingested a hardening serum (which was probably from the armoured titan).

It is still unclear if Kruger or Grisha were able to use this hardening ability during their time at all or not. So, it would be safe to say only Eren is the “known” shifter of the Attack Titan with the hardening ability.

Ability to keep moving forward:


The incredible Will power that the Attack Titan is ingrained with is just unbelievable. It would do anything and everything at its disposal for the freedom of Eldia and its people. That is what Eren Kruger did before he ran out of choices and decided to pass on his Titan to Grisha. And now Eren Yeager himself is infused with this very same feeling.

However, it’s not the Attack Titan’s attitude that has rubbed off on him. Eren was a fighter since the day he was born. Considering the similarities in their attitude, we could say that the Attack Titan and Eren Yeager were made for each other. Now go and think about the title of the first episode of the series!

And let’s not forget that the ‘Attack Titan’ literally translates in Japanese to  “ Shingeki no Kyojin”  given by Isayama sensei himself! So,this Titan is the perfect embodiment of its title and we can expect more jaw-dropping moments to come.

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