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What Are The Powers Of The Founding Titan In Attack On Titan?

Ymir Founding Titan

The Founding Titan is the first Titan to have existed and is the progenitor of the other eight intelligent Titans that we see in Attack on Titan. The Founding Titan is also referred to as the Coordinate, a point where the ‘paths’, an invisible connection between all the Eldians and Titans, cross and converge. 

The Founding Titan’s abilities to control and rule over the other Titans has made it a desired weapon for the Marley Empire, who tried to infiltrate Paradis and steal it from the Eldians.

However, controlling Titans is not the only ability that the Founding Titan possesses.

The abilities of Founding Titan:

The Founding Titan has several abilities including Titan control and Titan creation. The inheritor of the Founding Titan can use these powers even without transforming (i.e by staying in their human form).

Power to control other Titans:

This is one of the most sought after and well-known powers of the Founding Titan. By screaming, the inheritor of a Founding Titan (and the Founding Titan itself) can virtually make the other Titans follow its orders, making them the ultimate weapon of destruction or the best source of workforce depending on how they are used. This ability only seems to work on the Pure and Abnormal Titans. The intelligent Titans don’t seem to be affected by it. 

Eren Yeager was able to order the Pure Titans to devour Dina Fritz’s smiling Titan by screaming, even though he was not in his Titan form. However, Reiner, who was in his Titan form while this happened, was not forced to follow Eren’s orders, even though he felt its influence.

Eren punches Dina Fritz's smiling Titan in Attack on Titan Season 2 finale

During his interaction with Commander Pixis, Erwin Smith theorizes that maybe the scream of a Founding Titan can also be used to make people of Eldia (Subjects of Ymir) follow orders. According to Erwin, Titans were modified humans, so if a scream can control the mind of a Titan then it should also be able to control and influence the minds of humans too. While this is not entirely confirmed, the fact that the inheritor of a Founding Titan can manipulate memories of a person might point to the fact that people too can be controlled if needed.

Power to create Titans:

Being able to convert the citizens of Eldia into Titans is another major ability/power of the Founding Titan. This ability was used by the Eldians in the past to wage wars and annex other countries easily. The inheritor of the Founding Titan can even create Colossal Titans and not just pure Titans with their powers.  Karl Fritz used this ability to create the thousands of Colossus Titans that formed the three great Walls of Paradis Island. 

While it is true that the Founding Titan eventually split into the Nine Titans that we see today, it is not known if the power lets the inheritor of the Founding Titan create Intelligent Titans like the mindless ones. 

The power to create Titans is also seen in Zeke Yeager’s Beast Titan. The Beast Titan’s screams can make a person injected with its spinal fluid into pure Titans, who can then be controlled by Zeke. This ability is very similar to that of the Founding Titan and could be possible because Zeke is a shifter of the royal bloodline. 

Ability to manipulate memory:

The inheritor of the Founding Titan can manipulate the memories of Eldians. The power is not limited by the number of people and can be used on large populations as a whole. When Karl Fritz sought shelter in Paradis Island after renouncing war, he made the Eldians inside the Walls forget about their past and the world outside. 

Frieda and Historia Reiss in Attack on Titan

Freida Reiss is also shown using this ability to erase the memory of her visits from Historia’s mind. 

Ability of Hardening:

While Eren used the hardening serum in order to acquire the hardening ability (to fight Reiner’s Armoured Titan), hardening seems to be an ability that all Titan Shifters possess (Annie hardens herself before being caught, Zeke thinks of hardening his nape while under attack from Levi, etc.) So wer are assuming, this is also one of the abilities of the Founding Titan too. Eren is later seen to able to use the hardening ability to plug the holes in the walls.

Eren hardens to plug the hole in Wall , Attack on Titan Season 3

However, it is not exclusively revealed whether this hardening is an inherent ability of the Titans or something that is only possible once the hardening serum is taken. Even the colossal Titans hardened themselves to create the three great walls, Maria, Rose and Sheena, so it could very much be an inherent ability.

The following part of the post contains SPOILERS from the manga chapters that have not yet been adapted into the Attack on Titan anime. Read further at your own discretion!

The inheritors of the Intelligent Titans can heal themselves and even regenerate severed limbs. In addition to these powers, the Founding Titan apparently has the powers to change the anatomical structure (body composition) of any Eldian. In Chapter 114 of Attack on Titan, Tom Ksaver tells a young Zeke that an Eldian king manipulated the body structure of the Subjects of Ymir 600 years ago, in order to stop an epidemic, that had consumed many lives across the world, from infecting them. Once the body structure of the Eldians was changed, no one was infected with the plague anymore.

Zeke planned to utilize this ability to sterilize all the Eldians so that the war for the Titans could be put to an end. 

Telepathic Communication:

The inheritor of the Founding Titan can also relay messages to the Eldian population anywhere in the world through telepathy. This is probably possible due to the fact that all Eldians are connected by invisible paths that transcend the physical realm. Eren used this power to let the Eldians know about his plans to crush Marley and other countries to protect Paradis Island and Eldians in the island.

The Founding Titan also apparently can undo the hardening of the other Titans (rumbling was basically the colossal Titans in the Walls unhardening themselves and going on a rampage). This counts as one of the powers of the Fouding Titan too!

Have we missed out any abilities that the Founding Titan may have had? Let us know in the comments section. You can also discuss more about this topic in the forums section of our website!

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