Viz Media & Manga Plus Launches Naruto: Sasuke’s Story & Naruto: Konoha’s Story In English

The manga were published in Japan on October 23 and October 29, respectively.

Manga streaming giants, Viz Media and MANGA Plus published the long-awaited Naruto: Sasuke’s Story The Uchiha and the Heavenly Startdust & Naruto: Konoha’s Story The Steam Ninja Scrolls manga in English.

The manga were published in Japan on October 23 and October 29, respectively.

The Sasuke Story manga is based on Jun Esaka’s spinoff novel of the same name. The manga is drawn by Shingo Kimura.

The MANGA Plus app describes the story as:

Uchiha Sasuke heads for an astronomical observatory, far from the Land of Fire. There, he syncs up with Sakura, and together they dive into an undercover investigation in search of traces of the Sage of Six Paths! The two are soon drawn into a deadly conspiracy! The popular spin-off novel, now as a manga series!

The original novel was launched by Shueisha in 2019.

Whereas the Konoha’s Story manga is based on Sho Hinata’s novel of the same name and Natsuo Sai is drawing the manga. MANGA Plus describes the story:

The spin-off novel is now a manga series! The retired Kakashi and Guy head to a hot springs in the Land of Hot Water with their bodyguard, Sarutobi Mirai! A story connecting two generations through the power of bonds!

Shueisha published the original novel in August 2016.

You can read them free here and here, respectively.

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