Hajime Isayama & Yuki Kaji Collaborate To Create 1-Shot Manga


Voice actor Yuki Kaji has teamed up with Attack On Titan creator Hajime Isayama to launch a one-shot manga based on ‘Soyogi Fractal,’ a project initiated to commemorate Kaji’s 20th anniversary in the industry.

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Soyogi Fractal is a character project revolving around the voice synthesis software, which is based on Kaji’s voice. The project was started by Kaji with the aim to create a place where anyone, regardless of professional or amateur status, can freely create what they find interesting with like-minded people without any restrictions.

Isayama is currently illustrating the thumbnail storyboard draft for the manga, while Kaji is penning the storyline. Set to make its debut in Kodansha’s Weekly Shonen Magazine and Bessatsu Shonen Magazine this summer, the project is conducting auditions from April 3-30, 2024, to find an artist who will bring Isayama’s storyboard vision to life in the manga’s final artwork.

Aspiring artists can apply through ILLUST DAYS and even get a glimpse of the first five pages storyboarded by Isayama himself.

Yuki Kaji and Hajime Isayama have released statements expressing their excitement for the project. Check it out below:

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Yuki Kaji comment:

This is a golden opportunity! Don’t miss out!! Let’s change history together. “Soyogi Fractal” is a project that I’ve staked my life on. I entrusted the creation of the inaugural original work to none other than the esteemed Hajime Isayama-sensei, believing that ‘there’s no one else!’ I am sincerely grateful to Isayama-sensei for accepting with enthusiasm.

Hajime Isayama:

I am participating in this project in response to Mr. Kaji’s invitation. It has been about ten years since I drew a manga other than ‘Attack on Titan,’ and I am realizing the difficulty of drawing manga again. However, since I’m not the one actually doing the drawing, being able to come up with as many troublesome compositions as I want and leave it to others is fantastic.

Source: Comic Natalie

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