Twitter User Gets Ridiculed After Saying Luffy’s Red Roc Surpassed Kamehameha & Goku’s Legacy

Users argued that Red Roc wasn't even Luffy's most iconic move, let alone the most iconic move ever in anime.

Goku's Kamehameha VS Luffy’s Red Roc

Twitter user Doffyglasses (@doffyglasses) recently put a tweet on the microblogging platform saying that Luffy’s latest major move, Red Roc, from One Piece was more iconic that Goku’s trademark Kamehameha from Dragon Ball franchise.

“Luffy’s Red roc is now definitely more iconic than Kamehameha and has surpassed the goku legacy,” the user wrote.

The tweet trended online, as many, including Goku’s Spanish dub VA, seemingly took a swipe at it.

Mario Castaneda, who voices Son Goku in the in the Latin American Spanish dub of Dragon Ball Z, replied to the tweet with laughing emojis.

Other users took it as Castaneda laughing off Doffyglasses’ opinion.

There were other users, claiming to be fans of One Piece, who similarly opposed what Doffyglasses said in their tweet and noted that Kamehameha was definitely more iconic.

One user said that even though he liked Luffy’s Red Roc scene from the anime, he flew off his chair after watching Kamehameha. The user was referring to the Kamehameha that Goku used against Kefla in Dragon Ball Super anime.

The comment section was also littered with scenes from other anime that had used the Kamehameha reference, as many tried to state its supremacy over Red Roc.

“What did Red Roc inspire? For Something to be ICONIC is has to have imitators or be referenced. Because of this post itself, you only proved that Red Roc need to be compared to Kamehameha, making it again THE MOST iconic special move from shounen history,” a comment read.

Another user replied, pointing out that Red Roc would not even be a distant second, as Kenshiro’s Hokuto Hyakuretsu Ken had more references than it has.

The tweet also saw an interesting discourse on what could be considered as iconic. It all started when a user apparently pointed out that his mother recognized one of the attacks mentioned in this tweet (probably alluding to Kamehameha).

Another user then pointed out that the question was never about the best or the worst, instead, it was about which move was more iconic.

“No one is talking about which is better or worse, they’re taking [sic] about how iconic it is, and in that case, the more people know something the more iconic it is,” the user wrote.

Needless to say, the tweet also initiated a fandom far, with both One Piece and Dragon Ball fans trying to state their favourite character’s supremacy. However, one particular user noted that even though he loved One Piece more than Dragon Ball, there was no way the Red roc was more iconic than Kamehameha.

“I love One Piece more than Dragon Ball but ain’t no way Red Roc is more iconic that THE Kamehameha. You lost your mind,” the user said.

There were others who argued that Red Roc wasn’t even Luffy’s most iconic move, let alone the most iconic move ever in anime.

Luffy’s used his Red Roc against Kaido in episode 1015 of One Piece. Since then, the move has been a hit with the One Piece fans, with many praising its animation, and some, like Doffyglasses, claiming that it was the best move ever.

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