Tokyo Revengers To Release Its First Collection Of Short Stories On August

The cover of the Tokyo Revengers short story collection has also been released.

Tokyo Revengers 1 So Young

Tokyo Revengers will release its first coloured short story collection, titled Tokyo Revengers 1 So Young, on Aug 17, 2022.

The collection will contain six short stories including, “Zero”, “In those days”, “One for all”, “Man-crush”, “Twin to dragon” and “You’re not my type”.

The short stories will focus on the past days of the members of the Tokyo Manji gang.

The cover of the Tokyo Revengers short story collection has also been released.

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The official Twitter account of Tokyo Revengers had previously revealed that that the manga has 50 million plus copies in circulation in Japan and 7 million copies in overseas. It further added that the total number of copies exceeded 65 million globally.

Tokyo Revengers is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Ken Wakui. It has been serialized in Kodansha’s Weekly Shōnen Magazine since March 2017. An anime television series adaptation by Liden Films aired from April to September 2021. A live-action film adaptation was released in Japan in July 2021.

The manga won the 44th Kodansha Manga Award for the shōnen category in 2020. An anime television series adaptation by Liden Films aired from April to September 2021.

In December 2021, the Tokyo Revengers franchise announced, that the anime will get a new adaptation that will cover the manga’s “Seiya Kessen” (“Christmas Showdown”) arc.

The manga is released in English by Kodansha and Go Manga in digital and print format, respectively. The French release is done by Glenat Manga while Spanish release is done by Norma Ed Manga.

Source: Comic Natalie

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