The Promised Neverland Manga Gets Isabella Centric New Chapter

Weekly Shonen Jumps’ first issue of 2021 reveals there will be a new bonus chapter of The Promised Neverland focusing on Isabella. The bonus chapter is releasing in the next issue of December 14. The chapter is going to reveal the “Truth” about her. Recently, Sister Krone got a bonus chapter and is available to read it on Manga Plus. The illustration Krone got to promote her chapter:


Kaiu Shirai writes and Posuka Demizu illustrates the series. The manga series officially ended in June 2020 at chapter 181. The series serialized for 4 years. Fans globally are enjoying the bonus chapter and expect more to come.

In addition, the anime, the second season premieres on January 7, 2021. CloverWorks will reprise its role as animators, with the author Shirai coming to assist with the scripting.

Isabella is one of the characters whose past is unexplored in the series. Hence, the bonus chapter covering the past of an interesting character is creating hype amongst the fans.

Source: Weekly Shonen Jump, Shonen Jump Twitter

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