The 17th Japan International MANGA Award Starts Accepting Entries

17 International Manga Awards

The official website of the Japan International MANGA Award announced that they have started accepting entries for the 17th edition of the awards.

17 International Manga Awards

The application started from April 14, 2023, with the last date being July 7, 2023.

Only one entry will be allowed per applicants.

Interested applicants can submit both published or unpublished manga created within the past 3 years (2020-2023) from the date of application. It must, however, consist of more than 16 pages, and should be submitted in electronic form (PDF) or printed form.

Works that have previously won Japan International MANGA Awards won’t be eligible for submission.

Either the comic artist or the story writer of the submitted work must be a foreign national. Publishing companies outside Japan may apply for the award if the copyright holder of the manga work agrees to the application.

For more information on how to apply refer this page of the official website.

The first round of the screening will be done by Association of Japanese Manga Publishers, after which the 17th Japan international MANGA Award Selection Committee will will be responsible for the selection procedures.

The best manga will be awarded with Gold Award, followed by Silver Award for three excellent works, and Bronze Award to eleven works.

Manga work that doesn’t qualify for the Gold Award or Silver Award, but is more highly regarded than the other Bronze Award entries will be awarded with The Special Encouragement Award.

Moreover, the Gold and Silver Award winners will be invited to Japan for 7 days for the award ceremony.

The award ceremony is will be held in Tokyo in February or March 2024.

16th Japan International Manga award

South Korean artist seong ryul won the Gold Award for the work In summer for the 16th Japan International Manga Award, while Silver Awards were won by Jim Bishop (France) for Lost Letters, PEN SO (Hong Kong) for See You In Memories, and Xīngqíyīhuíshōurì Monday Recover (Taiwan), CHEN,CHIAO JUNG (Taiwan) for Sea You There and Us.

International Manga Award is an annual award established to encourage non-Japanese manga artists in 2007. This award was created by Japanese Foreign Minister Taro Aso, who proposed this award in a policy speech he gave in Tokyo’s Akihabara district in 2006.

This award honors MANGA artists who contribute to the development of MANGA culture in the world.

The selection is managed by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Japan. Annually, award honorees are recommended by the advisers including Machiko Satonaka and many other manga artists.

Source: Official Website

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