Redo Of A Healer – A Callous Controversy


Controversies happen in the animanga community now and then with someone or the other. But this year it’s different. You know it’s serious when revenge rape is being glorified. Redo of Healer is the talk of the town with its portrayal of abhorrent and unjustifiable actions.

But what if it’s not a controversy and the line is being stretched too far by the people? Or what if the line isn’t being stretched enough? Well, in the case of RoH, the line was never there.

Redo of a Healer. Where do I even start?

The show straight up glorifies revenge rape. It seems like a cheap hentai plot. Besides this, the power system is complete trash and nonsense too. If one is to level up in the world of RoH, they have to indulge themselves in sexual intercourse with a hero.

It breaks the level cap and makes them stronger. By the way, it’s an isekai too along with a very subtle, succinct and sublime hentai.

flare scared

See, there are umpteen ways to take revenge but to degrade oneself in such a manner isn’t one of them. The protagonist uses his powers to rewind time just to make the girl pay for her deeds by raping her.

The sexual assault is unbelievable. Rape, as a shock factor or even as a plot point, doesn’t make sense here. It just comes off as the most disgusting, degrading and diabolical thing ever.

An Elusive Edgefest:

Let’s talk about the unsolicited sex first. After Keyaru is brought into the kingdom as a hero, a maid comes in and starts having sex. Why you ask? To break the level cap. A hero’s semen makes the other powerful here.


It’s literally revenge porn. Keyaru rewinds time to take his revenge on two people. One, the warrior who brought him to the kingdom and made him a drug addict. He then forcefully rapes her and after that brainwashes her. And tada, now she’s a lover and his property.

The second one is even worse. The protagonist gang-rape a girl through a horde of zombies. Also, the house was on fire when this extreme form of sexual assault was on.

Setsuna 2

After this incident, he goes to a slave market. To my surprise, he found a female demi-human there. She wanted to kill the ones who took the lives of her people. Keyaru upon seeing those eyes filled with rage and revenge decided to buy her and increase her level cap. And just to remind you once again, one has to have sexual intercourse to gain more power.

Romanticizing Revenge and Rape:

Take away the harem and revenge plot and you don’t have a story anymore. The so called ‘mature substance’ in the show is the rape fantasy. At its core, RoH romanticises the notion of rape and justify it in form of the protagonist’s revenge.

Because the main character needed to be evil, he had to go through some shit. It’s another pretentious edgy concept to mould a hero into an anti-hero. The catch this time is that RoH’s approach is completely disgusting in every manner. In whatever way you see, rape here can’t be justified.

Keyaru Revenge 1

But then again, there’s the argument of ‘as long as it’s fictional, anyone can enjoy it’. I believe in that but not in the case of RoH. A story isn’t made up of only one aspect, several other facets are working in the background. There has to be some substance to it which people can enjoy. The anime lacks that.

As for the revenge, there are several shows which handled it in a better manner. Shield Hero is a great example of that and it’s an isekai too.

Precarious Problems:

The thing is that rape isn’t a problem. One can use that in fiction as a plot point but this show’s whole story revolves around that. There are well-crafted stories that have rape in them – Berserk, D-Grayman and Fate to name a few.

All of them utilizes it in an excellent manner which makes the story altogether more engaging and interesting. It’s not being glorified but shown as a very crude and evil thing.

Keyaru and Flare

Another problem is that the protagonist thinks that revenge means rape. There are other ways to take out your frustration on people, especially girls, but sexual assault isn’t one of them.

Rape is simply a criminal and heinous offence, worse than murder. On top of it, the show dares to dignify this wicked and atrocious act. It justifies it because this is the revenge of a man who was treated in an exact same manner. In all, Redo of a Healer is the most messed up thing to come out in a long time.

The amount of sex in the show is just unbelievable. There’s no solid reason for it to be there. It’s just to arouse the audience and make them feel the rage of the protagonist. In all, a complete brain-dead scenario.

Glorifying Heinous Acts with a Broken Power System:

To indulge in sexual intercourse without consent isn’t a thing that can be taken lightly. Time and again, it has been deemed that revenge is for madmen. And yet the authors try to toy with the idea to deliver an emotional and semi-realistic story.

A show can have revenge as its prominent plot point and can contain graphic rape scenes to tell the story. No one is hating on RoH because of that but why it is sexualizing and glorifying rape scenes. It’s utterly disgusting and sickening.

Keyaru with girls

‘Why does Keyaru want to rape Flare if he can drug and treat her in the same way he was?’

‘Why does Keyaru want a bunch of zombies to gang-rape a girl with the mansion on fire?’

‘Why Keyaru buys a female demi-human and has sex with her?’

Oh wait, we have an answer for that. Because he wanted to increase her power level. In this world, one can gain more experience if they indulge in sexual intercourse with a hero. The power system alone should be a silver lining to classify the show as hentai. But no it isn’t and airs on national television in Japan.

What’s up with the weird and convenient power system? Keyaru can use ‘Healing‘ to make zombies, to completely change his physicality, bend the gender and can even erase memories. The show is certainly redefining the definition of healing. Other than that, it’s also bad and broken.

A Final Dive into the Depths of Hell:

It’s straight-up one of the worst things that anime as a medium has to offer. Wrapped up in revenge porn and misrepresentation of the notion of revenge, Redo of a Healer is appalling and obnoxious. The ‘healing’ ability is being used as per the story’s convenience and the only so-called mature substance in the plot is rape.

Keyaru funny face

It tries to be this edgy show with a very dark main character but fails miserably at it. On a final note, don’t waste your time on this deplorable piece of shit. Go watch some movies to freshen up your mind and then hop on to Mushoku Tensei.

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