Pokemon The Movie: MewTwo’s Counterattack Will Premiere On Youtube

pokemon movie mewtwo strikes back

The theatrical version of Pokemon Mew Two’s Counterattack will be premiered on the official Pokemon YouTube channel from 21:00 on November 19th. This to celebrate the appearance of the legendary Pokemon in the episode upcoming on the 20th of November. The episode is directly linked to the outcome of the movie. Also, the premiere of this movie will be ending on the very same day. 

The first movie of Pokemon Pocket Monster MewTwo’s counterattack was first released in 1998. The movie was a much bigger hit in the west. The plot revolved around the humans trying to clone a legendary and one of the most powerful Pokemon in existence, Mew. They succeed and the result is MewTwo. The issue starts when MewTwo after gaining sentience runs away from the lab and tries to question the working of this human-Pokemon world. The protagonist Ash then gets invited for a Pokemon Battle by an unknown Trainer who had laid down multiple tasks to reach him. 

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