One Piece: Why Did Shanks Meet The Gorosei?

In chapter 907, Shanks meets with the Five Elders or the Gorosei to talk to them about “a certain pirate”. This raises multiple flags. The most obvious one being that Mariejois or the Holy Land has a strict policy against pirates.

Shanks is a Pirate. Yet, they weren’t surprised. Rather, the Gorosei were more concerned about others spotting Shanks with them.

Shanks meets Gorosei
Shanks meets Gorosei

What is Shanks’ relationship with the Gorosei?

The Gorosei have authority over the World Government. They look to maintain the balance of the Three Great Powers (Marines, Warlords and Pirates). We also know that they hate pirates for that reason, as they disrupt this balance a lot.

What makes Shanks the exception?

There are various theories about him having a certain position, which might ally him with the Gorosei. At first, it will seem it would refer to him being a Yonko. But, Yonkos are still Pirates. Marines leave the Yonkos alone for the most part, due to their influence and power.

They have no authority over the Marines nor do they have any affiliation with the World Government. So, this doesn’t seem very plausible.

Does this mean Shanks is working for them?

As a secret spy or a World Noble (Celestial Dragon) or both?

We have to remember something though. The World Government have other agendas other than capturing pirates to maintain peace. The Gorosei mention that the “balance of the world cannot be maintained forever”. Their priority is not to eradicate the Pirates.

They seem to choose to maintain the “balance of powers”. They might go through enough lengths to keep it that way.

So, could Shanks just be the exception? His beliefs align with the Gorosei’s. He does not have the same ideals as most Pirates. His behaviour during Marineford is a huge indicator of his pacifist nature.

He gets violent only to defend his crew and the people he cares for. He is not craving more power like the other Yonkos.

I guess we will only find out as this epic progresses.

Why is Shanks visiting the Five Elders in Mariejois?

Despite the reason as to why he is allowed to meet them, Shanks is there to talk about a “certain pirate”. So, who is he talking about?

Could it be Blackbeard?

image 3

Blackbeard is doing more now than what has ever been done before. He has two of the strongest Devil Fruits to date. He is also a Yonko who is currently residing in Whitebeard’s territory. The entirety of the Marines would be needed to take him and his crew down.

We know Shanks is wary of Blackbeard. He gave Shanks his scar. He tried warning Ace and Whitebeard about him as well. He also knows that if Blackbeard were to be let loose, it would only cause more chaos.

He is most likely letting them know that Blackbeard is dangerous and he needs to be stopped.

What information does Shanks have on him though? Shanks could be warning them because of what is happening in Wano. It may lead to Blackbeard getting a third Devil Fruit or perhaps a Road Poneglyph to access Laugh Tale, right under Big Mom’s nose. He could also be planning to take over the World Government.

Shanks may also know some secret about Blackbeard which he wants to inform the World Government of.

Could it be Luffy?


Following the Whole Cake Island Arc, Luffy’s actions inflated his reputation greatly. Luffy’s new 1,500,000,000 Berries bounty indicates that Luffy completed his task of becoming a Great Pirate. He’s ready to meet Shanks again soon.

If Shanks is a Celestial Dragon or a spy and if he realized Luffy has a real chance of ending up at Laugh Tale, he would want to stop it at any cost. This theory paints Shanks to be the ultimate villain.

But, he already saved Luffy twice. He might be doing it again by meeting with the Gorosei. He is likely warning the World Government. If Luffy becomes a Great Pirate, the seas might be more “balanced” through his influence. Which means less trouble for them.

A win-win situation. Or he could also be diverting their attention from Luffy to ask them to focus on the other two threats in Wano!

How about Kaido and Big Mom?

image 1

The situation with Kaido and Big Mom is similar to Blackbeard. Shanks might have been able to predict that Big Mom and Kaido will form an alliance and unleash terror. If that is the case then it would make sense for him to warn the World Government about it.

But again the warning itself happens after the panel of Big Mom has a call with Kaido saying she is coming to Wano.

Though, there is the possibility Shanks might help Luffy against Kaido and Big Mom’s alliance. Also, Shanks, mentions one particular pirate, not two. So it is highly impossible for it to be them.

And the Rocks Pirates?

image 5

Garp got the title “hero” after he supposedly defeated Rocks D. Xebec. According to Garp, even after the Rocks Pirates lost their captain, they are still making a ruckus in the new world. Along with this information, Oda will be introducing a “lurking legend” in the coming chapters, who is perhaps related to Whitebeard. The legend may be Rocks. Shanks is a Yonko so he might be aware.

This legend may also be related to Shanks and in that this person is his father. Shanks doesn’t want his old man to rise to power again. In chapter 434, Whitebeard mentioned “that guy”. Some say it is Gol D. Roger but he wouldn’t need to use the term “that guy” if it was Roger.

So if he was talking about someone else that means Shanks looks like “that guy”, as he mentions his scar throbbing when he sees Shanks. Whoever it was is also so strong he can give a scar to The Strongest Man in the World Whitebeard.

According to us, Shank’s is most likely wanting to talk about Blackbeard, him being the most dangerous and immediate threat. The other possibilities are speculations that may or may not happen, as the reasonings do not fit his known intentions.

So, why do you think Shank’s met up with the Gorosei? Do you agree with the theories above or do you have some answers of your own? Please let us know in the comments below!

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