One Piece Chapter 1086 Spoilers: Another Piece of the Puzzle


Yohohohohoho!!! One Piece is back this week with an even bigger bomb drop. Chapter 1086 reveals even more information and gives us so much more to think about.

As things are going , it looks like One Piece chapter 1086 will be the last of the Reverie reveal and we will finally get back to Egghead to maybe see a Luffy vs St. Saturn showdown. In this chapter, we received one more piece of the puzzle. We now have more evidence about Imu’s origins and the reveal of a surprise character who could be related to Shanks.

It feels like every chapter we get one step closer to solving the mysteries of One Piece but at the same time the finish line seems to go back by 10 steps.

Well one last thing. One Piece will be on break for the next 4 weeks as Oda Sensei is going to have a surgery to correct his astigmatism. Lets all pray for his good health and hope that he recovers quickly.


End of Reverie

With One Piece Chapter 1086 we finally know everything that has happened at Reverie. All the little things that were left out back in 2018. We now know who killed Cobra , what happened to Vivi and now we also learnt about Imu and the Gorosei.

The chapter starts off with a focus on the aftermath of Cobra’s death. The CP0 are running around asking people if they have seen Sabo and the people of Alabasta are asking around about Vivi. Turns out they managed to sneak on the Aegis Kingdom ship and got away. And their escape route this time is Morgan, who wants to know why a King is on the run.

Meanwhile Sabo has stowed away on the Lulusia Kingdom’s ship heavily injured remembering King Cobra’s last words. He later tells us that he routed his call through Lulusia and saw its destruction before his very eyes.

5 Warrior Gods?

For the first time in decades , the names of all the 5 Gorosei have been revealed.

Agriculture Warrior God – Saint Shepard Ju Peter
Finance Warrior God – Saint Ethan Baron V. Nusjuro
Justice Warrior God – Saint Topman Valcurie
Environmental Warrior God – Saint Markus Mars
Defense Science Warrior God – Saint Jay Garcia Saturn

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On first thought their titles sound like they’re the ministers of the world. Each having their own domain under their control.

This would make sense with St. Saturn as he was the one headed to Egghead when an issue came up. But what about the others? Is St. Peter in charge of any and all major agricultural issues around the world? Is Saint Mars in charge of the Environment? Then what about St. Valcurie? We never saw him when Enies Lobby was destroyed even though this should have been his domain.

The Japanese word for Gorosei can also be translated into the Five Elder Planets. And that makes sense with their names. One of them is Saturn , the other is Mars. But the rest are kind of weird. They seem to stand for the names of planets in some language but honestly , I couldn’t find anything. (Based on TCB scans notes – Saint Valcurie -> Marie Curie -> Mercury. Works out in Japanese.)

The important thing here is the mention of Chequered Fate. It was mentioned all the way back in Chapter 798 in the conversation between Law and Sengoku , who also mentioned the chequered fate, being surrounded by the D’s.

What does this mean? Well to me on the surface level its quite simple. The D’s who cause a storm in the world can go either way, to the light side or the dark side. And those surrounded by the D’s become important parts of this as well. That would make sense when you see Luffy , Roger , Ace on the light side and Blackbeard and Rocks on the dark side. But its hard to find any deeper meaning with such little information.

Lulusia Destroyed on a Whim

The final parts of this chapter reveal a few very important things that will play a critical role in the future.

Firstly Imu calls the weapon that destroyed Lulusia , the “Mother Flame”. If you think about it many religions like Hinduism , Wicca and Neopaganism all have a concept of a sacred fire which is used to purify and is associated with cleansing and transformation.

Now going back to Chapter 908 , where St. Nusjuro calls for a cleansing , this all makes sense.

Another important thing here is the attitude of the Gorosei towards Imu. They are very obedient to Imu but also how do I put this – like a child parent relation?

Imu’s orders are carried out yes , but the Gorosei also seem to be allowed to ask minor questions. There isn’t a tyrannical master slave relation based on fear it seems. The Gorosei go as far as to “justify” Imu’s choice of Lulusia.

The most critical thing here is that the weapon used to destroy Lulusia isn’t a creature or nature but it seems to be one of Vegapunk’s inventions. Naturally one is bound to ask, why Vegapunk, the peace loving man, created such a weapon that can literally destroy islands in mere moments.

To that I would say, he was most probably given access to some sort of Ancient Weapon or its prototype and he just went ham on it creating one of the strongest things in the World. Another thing to note is that St. Nusjuro says “If we could one day use this power freely….” . What does this mean? Is there some exotic fuel that is very limited in quantity? Does this relate to the Ancient Energy source Vegapunk was looking into?

The last panel drops another bomb shell with the reveal of Sain Figarland Garling. “The former king of God Valley, he now serves as the Supreme Commander of the Holy Knights.”

He is now the Judge in Mariejois and can sentence people to execution. Turns out even the Celestial Dragons themselves aren’t immune judgement. Just one thing about this irks me. He is portrayed as being really powerful.

The whole panel gives us that vibe, with many people theorizing that St. Garling is who Whitebeard was talking about with Shanks all the way back in Chapter 434 when he says – “When I look at your face my scars ache. The scars I got from him.”

People are going wild taking this as another hint that Shanks is actually the son of St. Garling who was picked up by Roger on God Valley, and this is why he was allowed to meet with the Five Elders, as he himself is a Celestial Dragon.

But is St. Garling strong enough to scar even Whitebeard, the man closest to being the King of Pirates, how was it that Garp and Roger had to fight Rocks to protect the Celestial Dragons? Where was St. Garling then? Where were the Holy Knights? (I won’t ask where CP0 was cuz they’ll get bodied by Yonko Commanders themselves).

Was St. Garling busy holding back Big Mom , Kaido and Whitebeard ? Many questions from that one panel alone. We can only hope to receive answers someday.

One Last thing

Taking a page out of Apple’s book Imu gives one last order – to retrieve Vivi. Remember that panel all the way back in Chapter 908? Luffy and Blackbeard’s photos were cut into piece and Vivi’s photo had a sword in it?

Well now it makes a bit more sense. All of them are members of the D clan. Luffy and Blackbeard are unintentionally destroying Imu’s careful balance of power maintained for over 800 years whereas Vivi is the direct descendant of the person who caused all the chaos rippling down till date.

Vivi seems to be key to something that Imu wants to do but we don’t know what.

One last thing , it seems Ivankov is also a OP theorist , as he believes that Imu has used the Ope Ope powers to grant themselves eternal youth. Also it is all but confirmed that Imu is actually one of the first 20 Kings – Saint Imu of House Nerona.

Now Emperor Nero was the ruler of Rome , who supposedly burnt a whole city just to extend his palace and then build a complex called the Golden House. On top of all this he blamed it on the Christian community in the city , initiating the empire’s first persecution against the Christians.

Now doesn’t this sound kinda familiar? The Celestial Dragons doing things and then manipulating the media to shift blame on an enemy? Could it be that 800 years ago the D’s were blamed for something they never did which led to the 20 Kingdoms taking over and rebuilding the world the way they wanted it?

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