Officer Who Assaulted Co-worker For Revealing Oshi No Ko Spoilers Cleared Of Charges

oshi no ko

A 50-year-old employee of the Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau who faced charges of assault for grabbing and kicking his subordinate over Oshi No Ko manga spoiler has been cleared of all charges.

The Kyoto District Public Prosecutors Office decided not to prosecute the case, although the reasons for this decision have not been disclosed. The decision was dated June 3, 2024.

The assault occurred on Feb 1, 2024, and unfolded during a casual chat in the office of the Uji Branch of the Kyoto District Legal Affairs Bureau, where the accused was stationed at the time.

Sources revealed that during the conversation, the subordinate, also in his 50s talked about the the development of Oshi no Ko manga.

The accused reportedly became visibly agitated upon hearing the manga spoiler, expressing intense frustration at having key plot points revealed. His anger allegedly escalated to the point where he physically confronted his subordinate, grabbing him by the collar and kicking around the waist.

While the subordinate sustained no injuries, he filed a complaint with the Uji Police Station, prompting an investigation by law enforcement authorities.

Subsequently, on April 30, 2024, the Kyoto Prefectural Police made the decision to refer the supervisor for prosecution on charges related to assault.

Despite this referral, the prosecution has opted not to move forward with the case.

Source: Kyoto Shimbun

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