Naruto’s VA Junko Takeuchi Voices MrBeast In His Japanese Dub Videos

Mr. Beast And Naruto

Popular YouTuber MrBeast has been dubbing his videos in multiple languages recently, especially Japanese. While there were news about the YouTuber hiring a “major” anime voice actor for the dub, it seems that majority of the fans missed out who really was voicing his videos in Japanese.

However, his recent reply to a tweet has let the cat out of the bag. Though not an entirely new piece of information, MrBeast confirmed that he and Naruto Uzumaki shared the same seiyu now, meaning the Japanese Dub of his videos were being done by none other than Junko Takeuchi.

Takeuchi, 50, is also known for voicing Gon from the 1999 adaptation of Hunter x Hunter and a young Sabo in One Piece.

His tweet drew reactions full of surprise from a section of fans, while there were also others who said that they had been aware of this for a long time, and were surprised at how others had not figured this out yet.

“Who needs a Ferrari or mansion when you can have Naruto voice? Eternity is not for sale,” a user wrote.

“Mad how you even told people about this like a few years ago and still no one picked up on it,” another wrote.

There were also some fans who wanted to know how Naruto’s VA had agreed to this gig.

Fans also pointed out that MrBeast usually hires popular voice actors for his dub and this was nothing new. For instance, he had hired the voice of Spiderman to voice him in Spanish dub.

You can check out his Japanese dubbed videos below (click on settings and change audio track to Japanese):

Source: Twitter

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