Naruto: Ranking Hokages Based On Their Administrative Skills

The hokage rock in Naruto

Ore wa Hokage ni naru, Dattebayo!!! Or I’m gonna be a Hokage, Believe it. These words have ringed through everyone’s ears ever since Naruto aired on tv back in early 2000’s. We followed him on his journey. We stumbled with him. We laughed with him. We cried with him. Eventually we saw him achieve his goal. But even though he is the strongest ever Hokage or kage in that matter, the job of Hokage isn’t just to be super strong. It’s also to govern the village, to make sure the village prospers and to see that every villager lives happily and peacefully. So who is the top Hokage under whom the village prospered the most? Here’s our list:

7. Minato Namikaze

Minato the fourth Hokage | Daily Anime Art

Yeah, we know many of you won’t agree to it, but hear us out. He was super strong and protected the village during the Kyuubi attack. He won Fire nation the war. But his tenure as the fourth Hokage was the shortest one. He died before he could bring about any significant changes in the village and its governing system. Not just that his own student was responsible for his death and post his death the state of the village went in a downward spiral (as he didn’t plan for a time if his untimely death happens). And everything fell on an old Hiruzen Sarutobi.

6. Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen Sarutobi | Narutopedia | Fandom

The Professor and the second God of Shinobi. The strongest Kage of his generation. The Hokage with the longest tenure, there’s list of accolades that you could give Sarutobi. During his first tenure as the third Hokage Hiruzen did a fantastic job at protecting the village. Choosing key players in his army to win him the war. In this tenure his students outshone everyone else and became heroes. He ruled for a long time until he got significantly old and then gave his post to Minato.

The problems with him arise during his second tenure. After the 4th Hokage died on him. Hiruzen still somehow managed to maintain peace during his second tenure. But he took some calculated risks whose outcomes didn’t come out right and cost the village dearly. First one was during the third war. His students failed to kill opposition army leader, Hanzo. That led to the creation of Akatsuki and hence Pain. We know what Pain did to Konohagakure down the line.

Second one was, he failed to kill his rogue student Orochimaru who pretty much paved the road for 4th Shinobi war and helped many Konoha haters. Sarutobi was also later killed by the very same student. Orochimaru not only killed the Hokage, but destroyed major parts of the village and left Konoha in a war like state with Sand Village.

Third was the Uchiha clan massacre. Hiruzen utterly failed to stop the hatred brewing in the hearts of Uchiha that led to many prodigal sons’ to die and one to become a villain even though he was a Hero. With these failures in his biodata Hiruzen could be called the worst Hokage ever but we’ve ranked him above Minato for reasons mentioned above. Also compared to the length of his tenure, we could say that his administrative achievements were not as great the hokages who come next in this list.

5. Tobirama Senju

Tobirama Senju | Narutopedia | Fandom

The brother of the first Hokage and a very stern man. During his tenure as the Hokage, Tobirama went on to further improve the foundations on which his brother formed the village. He formed the Ninja Training Academy which was copied by other villages. He formed the Uchiha police force as he acknowledged their skills and also where he could keep an eye on them. He built various infrastructures that were still present even when Naruto was growing up in the village. He single-handedly defeated 2 imperfect jinchurikis and 18 Akatsuki + Kage level shinobi during the second war. Though that ended up being too much for him and he died in that battle.

Right before his death he appointed his student Hiruzen to be the third Hokage. Which was again a good decision, if we look at Hiruzens’ first tenure. The reason he’s not in the top 3 or 2 was because of his hatred towards Uchiha. It’s that hatred that made him put Uchiha in a position where everyone will hate them. It’s this hatred that further down the line had severe effects on the village, especially the Uchiha clan massacre. Also the jutsus he created were used by enemies against the village, and later on the whole world. Cough 4th Ninja war cough. But it also gave us the titular hero’s most famous and favourite Jutsu.

4. Tsunade Senju

Tsunade | Narutopedia | Fandom

The last Senju to rule over Konoha and also the last living Senju. The 5th Hokage was initially very reluctant to take up the mantle and literally had to be pursued to become one. After she became the Hokage, Tsunade significantly changed the face and structure of Konohas’ medical department. Her experience and expertise in the field helped Konoha to achieve the highest level of medical sciences. She also was also an inspiration to all women in the village who strived to become like her. She trained medical ninjutsu users to be fighters as well so that they don’t just have to be on the sidelines in any war.

The two blemishes on her near absolute spotless career were the death of Jiraiya and Pain’s attack on Konoha. Jiraiyas’ death was tragic and left a huge empty spot not only in Konoha’s military might but also in her own personal life. His death eventually became a stepping stone for his student Naruto. Also the intel he gathered led to eventual defeat of the most powerful Akatsuki member and its “leader”. Also, during the Tendo Pain attack she alone managed to protect every citizen. Even during the 4th shinobi war, her skills were acknowledged by none other than Madara. She later on joined the main fight and helped Sakura in healing the shinobi army.

3. Naruto Uzumaki

Hokage | Narutopedia | Fandom

The 7th and the current Hokage of the village. He achieved his dream to become a Hokage and is doing his best to protect the village and improve the infrastructure and also drastically improve the village’s security. He himself trains the barrier division of the military to cast a barrier strong enough as the Go-Kage’s during the 4th war. He with his shadow clones makes continuous patrol rounds across the village. He’s made his friend to patrol the globe for any upcoming threats on the village and the world. Due to his efforts during the 4th war the world is seeing a peaceful day. All the nations in the world are on friendly terms with each other. He is constantly in contact with the intel and border security division to always be ready to protect the village.

His only drawbacks are that despite his tremendous efforts there are attacks on the village although not by humans and also the fact that he is bad at managing his time probably. Most of the development that Konoha has gone through after the fourth great Shinobi world war is thanks to Kakashi. While Naruto is doing a great job walking the same line as his predecessor, he could certainly be more adept with managing his time. Also his neglect towards his family has led to a flawed character of his son.

2. Kakashi Hatake

Hatake Kakashi 6th Hokage!

The no-more-copy-ninja Kakashi was chosen as the 6th Hokage for the village. During his tenure, the village prospered drastically. They built railways and made tremendous technological advancements. He worked hard on firming the relations that were built during the war. With his leadership qualities, Kakashi not only cemented the peace between the nations but also ran various tourism campaigns that led to build more trust amongst the citizens of each country.

Even though he was busy, he would still go out on missions with Team 7 members every now and then, further strengthening his bonds with the next generation and also giving them valuable advice. That also helped him keep his strength and manage to get strong even without his sharingan. It was during his tenure that the financial condition of the village went up. In his time we also saw trains and many other infrastructural being developed and sanctioned. Even though the village was attacked by Toneri during his time, the battle was won without a single casualty though.

It was also during his tenure and thanks to Naruto and the bonds he had formed that other villages agreed to guard the boundaries of Konoha so that the key figures could attend Narutos’ wedding.

A truly spotless career.

1. Hashirama Senju

Hashirama Senju (Seireitou) | Naruto Fanon Wiki | Fandom

The founder of the village and the very first Hokage. He alone captured 8 tailed beasts, united all the warring countries. Used the said beasts for negotiations. Ended lifelong rivalry between Uchiha and Senju and brought the two most powerful clans under one banner. As long as he was alive there was nobody stupid enough to attack Konoha. Resolved the land issue with Sand Village and gave them land for cultivation.

He brought peace to the warring nations for the first time. During the time when everyone was thirsty for blood he rallied everyone around him using kindness and not brute force. He did what he could do to maintain security, prosperity and growth of the village in his time and did a marvelous job at that. What more could you ask from a Leader? A true Hokage.

What do you think is the best Hokage in terms of village growth? Do let us know in the comments.

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