Naruto Live-Action Film Gets New Update 8 Years After Announcement; Fans React

Tasha Huo And Naruto

After eight years of zero updates following the announcement of Naruto‘s live-action adaptation by Lionsgate, fans can finally rejoice as a major info has been unveiled in the project’s development.

According to a report by Variety, the live-action adaptation has enlisted Tasha Huo as the screenwriter. Tasha is known for her involvement in Red Sonja, The Witcher: Blood Origin, Tomb Raider: The Legend of Lara Croft, and other titles.

Adapting iconic characters or IP makes the writing of it easier, because the passion for writing it is already there. I’m so inspired by these characters already that it’s exciting to just take a part of their journey and try to tell that fun story in a way that would appeal to me as a fan,” the screenwriter expressed.

Tasha Huo

Following the success of One Piece live-action adaptation, fans are looking forward to the Naruto live-action film. However, others remain cautious due to the inconsistent track record of live-action anime adaptations.

naruto live-action film fan reaction

naruto live-action film fan reaction

naruto live-action film fan reaction

naruto live-action film fan reaction

naruto live-action film fan reaction

naruto live-action film fan reaction

Lionsgate announced the development of a live-action film with Avi Arad through his production company Arad Productions in July 2015. The film will be directed by Michael Gracey. On December 17, 2016, Kishimoto announced that he has been asked to co-develop.

Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It was serialized in Shueisha’s shonen manga magazine Weekly Shonen Jump from September 1999 to November 2014, with its chapters collected in 72 tankobon volumes.

The story is told in two parts: the first is set in Naruto’s pre-teen years (volumes 1–27), and the second in his teens (volumes 28–72).

The series is based on two one-shot manga by Kishimoto: Karakuri (1995), and Naruto (1997).

Part I of the manga was adapted into an anime television series by Pierrot and Aniplex, which ran for 220 episodes from October 2002 to February 2007 on TV Tokyo. A second series, which adapts material from Part II of the manga, is titled Naruto: Shippuden and ran on TV Tokyo for 500 episodes from February 2007 to March 2017.

Source: Variety

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