Manga Published In Elementary School Magazine Gets Scrutinized For Having ‘Sexual Content’


The inclusion of a manga supplement in the August issue of Nico☆Puchi, a popular magazine known for its content on fashion, makeup, hairstyles, and nail art, targeting elementary school-aged children, has ignited a heated controversy.

Niko Puchi

The manga, titled ‘Dekiai Royale‘ created by Chitose Yagami as a part of a collaborative project with the comic series “Ciao,” has sparked outrage among parents due to explicit sexual content, non-consensual scenes, and dialogues such as “Shall I make you feel naughty, my princess?” depicted within its pages.

Parents, who purchased the magazine because their children admired the stylish older sisters featured within it, have expressed their disappointment and anger.

Dekiai Royale revolves around the story of Kagura Itsuki, the daughter of a demon king, who becomes the love interest of three childhood friends. Scenes featuring the characters in swimsuits include sexually suggestive remarks such as “You two were looking at the princess with lustful eyes,” and discussions about provocative behaviour. The manga has been deemed inappropriate for its intended audience.

Dekiai Royale

Parents, who claim to have inspected the magazine’s content before allowing their children to read it, have taken to social media to voice their concerns. They question the approval process and criticize the inclusion of explicit material in a magazine aimed at elementary school students.

Social media users who viewed excerpts of the manga have expressed their disapproval, stating that discussions about relationships and romance are acceptable but explicit scenes and non-consensual actions are inappropriate for young readers.

Nico☆Puchi’s editorial department responded to the controversy by stating that internal discussions are ongoing, and they will make a public announcement once a decision is reached.

We are currently discussing the matter internally and will make an announcement once a decision has been made.

The editorial department of the magazine also issued an apology on their website, acknowledging the concerns raised by readers and parents.

We deeply apologize to any readers or parents who may have felt uncomfortable.

As the controversy unfolds, parents and readers await the magazine’s response and hope for measures to ensure age-appropriate content in the future.

The August issue of the magazine released on June 22, 2023.

Source: Livedoor News

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