KISS Co-Singer Gene Simmons Supports Man Who Married Hatsune Miku

'It only matters if this Otaku man is happy,' Simmons said.

Gene Simmons

Gene Simmons, the bassist and co-lead singer of KISS, put out a tweet on April 27, 2022 in support of Akihiko Kondo, who had married the fictional, computer synthesized Hatsune Miku four years ago.

Simmons was responding to an article by NY Post which talked about Kondo having a hard time in his relationship.

“It doesn’t matter if you understand this relationship. It only matters if this Otaku man is happy. Otaku is a person who is a manga and tech fan. Good luck to him,” Simmons wrote in his tweet.

Some fans were surprised by Simmons’ tweet and were happy that he was someone who supported “waifuism”.

There were also fans who came forward expressing their love for fictional characters.

However, some fans also asked Simmons to not encourage people to follow Kondo’s example. They were of the opinion that such a behavior was not healthy.

Kondo, who married Miku four years ago, had been in the limelight recently after reports emerged that his relationship hit a roadblock as he was finding it hard to communicate with the fictional character due to technical difficulties.

Kondo was able to interact with Miku with the help of a device called ‘Gatebox’, which allowed owners to interact with fictional characters via 3D Holograms using artificial intelligence. However, the startup which created the service, discontinued it in March 2020.

Despite the difficulties, Kondo has maintained that his feelings for Miku are still the same and that his love for the character hasn’t changed.

Source: Twitter, Mainichi

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