Kaguya Sama Love Is War? Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Hayasaka Flirts With Shirogane

Ai Hayasak from Kaguya Sama love is war

Ai Hayasaka best girl!!!

Kaguya Sama Season 2 Episode 4 has to be the best episode of the series so far. Why? Because one of the best chapters of the manga got adapted into the anime and boy it was totally fun to watch. There’s no points for guessing which chapter we are talking about. It’s Hayasaka getting all flirty with Shirogane. 

Other than that, Kaguya Sama Season 2 Episode 4 also marks the beginning of the student council re-election arc and introduces two main characters, Miko Iino and Kobachi Osaragi. The episode essentially lays the groundwork for the battle between Miyuki and Miko for the Student council president position.

The top notch voice acting in this episode is something which makes it even more enjoyable. Hayasaka’s different voice each time she masquerades as a new character is perfectly pulled off by Yumiri Hanamori. Hayasaka is just too kawaii in the part where she flirts with Shirogane. She is the MVP of this episode for sure!

Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2 Episode 4 Review:

Ai Hayasaka Wants Him to Fall for Her:

The episode begins with a misunderstanding and a sort of heated exchange between master and maid. Hayasaka asks Kaguya why her situation/relationship with Miyuki Shirogane has not progressed even after getting so many opportunities (everything from the fireworks to the most recent moon viewing). Kauya rants about how it is not easy to get a guy to fall for you and inadvertently ends up challenging Hayasaka to make Miyuki fall for her in a day. Hayasaka, who’s had enough of Kaguya’s tantrums, snaps and accepts the challenge.

Ai Hayasaka wants Shirogane to fall for her in Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2 Episode 4
Hayasaka’s new look as she tries to woo Shirogane

Hayasaka, now in a new avatar of a chirpy chatty flirty student, approaches Shirogane and easily manages to get a “coffee date” with him immediately, after requesting his help in choosing a computer. Kaguya is ofcourse spying on them and things don’t seem to be going well for her. 

At the cafe, Hayasaka holds back nothing in trying to charm Shirogane with her lies and her cute as hell facial expressions. She even gets him to tutor her in no time and complains about how she has to study for 10 hours a day, trying to earn his favor. As Shirogane commends her efforts, Hayasaka asks him out on a proper date and even says “you can still go out with other girls and keep me as a side piece.” Other guys would have been floored here, but good boy Shirogane flat out refuses her saying he loves someone else. This surprises Hayasaka, who quickly leaves saying she will support Shirogane from the sidelines.

This was probably the most enjoyable part of the episode according to us, partly because of Kaguya’s wide range of expressions showing disappointment and shock while watching Shirogane easily fall for Hayasaka’s lies. Kaguya’s commentary which happens in her head as she negates every lie Hayasaka says will surely manage to draw some laughs for sure. Also, Hayasaka’s new avatar totally manages to win our hearts. Though SHirogane doesn’t fall for her, we are sure a huge chunk of the viewers certainly did!

In the end, it’s Hayasaka’s turn to go on a rant, as she loses her composure at being rejected so easily by Miyuki. Kaguya, though happy to know that Shirogane didn’t fall for Hayasaka’s tricks, apologizes to her for making her go through an embarrassing situation.

We never expected Hayasaka to be so invested in one of her skits! Sad to see her almost on the verge of crying though.

Kaguya Wants to Be Confessed To:

The second part of the episode focuses on Shirogane. Preparing for the upcoming student council elections with Chika Fujiwara, (did anyone notice the similarities this scene has with Bakemonogatari!) Shirogane decides to make Kaguya in charge of his campaign speeches (much to the disappointment of Chika). As Shirogane flounders outside Kaguya’s classroom unable to muster the courage to go in and speak to her, Hayasaka appears as the saviour once again (true to her word). Shirogane, however, is totally not able to recognize her in this avatar.

Hayasaka calls out Kaguya from the door, saying Shirogane wants to say something to her. Kaguya quietly walks over to Shirogane in front of the whole class, wherein he asks her to meet in private after the school to discuss “an important thing.” While Miyuki intended to ask Kaguya if she would be willing to take care of his campaign speeches, Kaguya’s class misinterprets this as a build up to a confession. Everyone gets excited about the prospect of Kaguya and Miyuki dating and the rumor mills begin working overdrive from this point on.

Students acting as news reporters and spies, shady forums springing to life and spreading rumors and words of encouragement from friends are perfect depictions of the atmosphere in the school. 

image 1024x576 1
Kaguya & Miyuki’s meeting

After school when Shirogane (accompanied by none other than Chaos reincarnate Chika Fujiwara) finally comes to meet Shinomiya after school, they have quite an audience waiting to see the outcome of the rendezvous. Shirogane understands that there has been a terrible misunderstanding in the minds of the students. Before he can clear the doubt, Fujiwara adds fuel to the fire by asking Miyuki to muster some courage and approach Kaguya as he had “chosen Kaguya over herself” 

The whole part about Shirogane worrying if he’ll be seen in a bad light by not confessing his love to Kaguya after all the buildup is quite hilarious. For a second we thought he really was going to do the impossible, as Shirogane accepts that he cares more about Kaguya than his pride. However, he chickens out and meekly asks if Kaguya could take charge of his campaign speeches. 

Kaguya’s response was in fact more mature and emotional, saying that she would gladly accept any request Miyuki asks of her, be it campaign speeches or anything else.

From the first two parts, it’s evident that both Kaguya and Shirogane have slightly gotten over their pride in trying to make the other confess, but then they still don’t have the courage to confess their feelings to the other. Quite an interesting parallel if you ask us. Will this story go down as the greatest misunderstood unrequited love story ever? We hope not.

Just confess already both of you!!!

Miko Iino Wants to Set Things Right:

In the third part, we are introduced to Miko IIno, a first year student who is placed second in the race for being the student council president. Ishigami introduces Miyuki to Miko and the former kind of becomes intimidated by his adversary. 

Miyuki Shirogane and Miko IIno from Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2 Episode 4
Shirogane takes a flyer from Miko Iino

The exchanges that take place between the two clearly shows the difference in attitude between the two characters. While Ishigami and Miyuki are casual and overconfident about winning the elections, Miko and Kobachi are diligent and working hard to get themselves into the pole position.

As she puts forth her ideals, Miyuki and Ishigami are taken back and in response almost toe the line of bullying. Chika rightly says that they both are somehow acting as the villains in this scenario, threatening their juniors. It is also revealed in the episode that Miko idolises Chika Fujiwara. She is able to sway Fujiwara to her side with praises and also offers the position of Vice President, which surprises Ishigami and Shirogane.

The groundwork has been laid for an interesting battle between team Shirogane and team Miko for the upcoming student council elections. From what we’ve seen so far, Miko seems like a textbook disciplinarian. It would be wonderful to see her face off with Kaguya in the future episodes.

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