Kaguya Sama – Love Is War? Season 2 Episode 2 Review: Kaguya Gives A Gift To Miyuki

Shirogane with the Hand fan that Kaguya gifts him

The second  episode of Kaguya Sama Love is War Season 2 continues the entertaining plot of Miyuki Shirogane’s birthday. With Kaguya misunderstanding that Miyuki wanted to celebrate his birthday alone with her in the previous episode, she was more than excited to come up with a gift for Shirogane and surprise him. 

The continuity being maintained in the plot is quite amazing especially considering the fact that it is kind of a filler arc in Kaguya Sama. However, it does not compromise on the comedy and is as refreshing as ever. As we mentioned before, the second season is not just about wits, there are also moments when Kaguya and Miyuki end up showing their deepest feelings for each other and the second episode certainly had some of those moments.

Kaguya Sama Love Is War Season 2 Episode 2 Review!

Kaguya Wants To Know!

The first part of the episode focuses on Kaguya going shopping with Chika Fujiwara, Chika’s sister Moeha and Shirogane’s sister Kei. The plan for all of them to shop together was part of the first season’s arc. Back then Shinomiya had to cancel as she was summoned by her father immediately. However this time around she is lucky as the gang decides to go window shopping, which gives her the perfect opportunity to get close to Kei and try to make her reveal what Miyuki likes so that she can get him a good birthday present.

But with Chika and Moeha (she is a total sadist, you should not miss her monologue where she says she wants to devour Kaguya) around, Kaguya’s attempts go in vain at the beginning. And, when Kaguya does get the chance to get close to Kei and tries to ask about Miyuki, all she gets in return is Kei lambasting her brother for being dishonest and an ogre at home. 

This is one of the funnier parts in this episode, aas we get to see how Shirogane is viewed entirely differently by his sister, even though he is essentially the same at home (no he is not an ogre, that’s just Kei hating him for being a doting elder brother). Kaguya, however, ends up comparing Kei and Miyuki and comes to the conclusion that they both are alike after all. She becomes so flustered thereafter that she isn’t able to maintain her composure, and tries too hard to impress Kei nonetheless. 

Kaguya and Kei
Kaguya and Kei after they help a kid

The episode also throws some light on the kind of person Kei is, as she rushed to catch a child who was about to fall. She even uses her newly brought handkerchief without a second thought to heal the knee scrape that the kid had, impressing Kaguya very much.

At the end of the day, Kaguya and Kei get close enough to be on a first name basis with each other, which surprises Miyuki. This part essentially is a win for Kaguya as she does get some information about what Shirogane might like and also manages to get close to his sister (which Kaguya had been trying to do since the first time she met her)

Kaguya Wants To Give a Gift:

Back home from the shopping, Kaguya discusses the ‘information she managed to collect’ about Shirogane’s likes. While she relays to Hayasaka that Miyuki won’t probably accept an expensive gift and she would need something subtle, Hayasaka suggests that Kaguya offer herself as a gift. This was perhaps one of the best scenes of Episode 2, as Kaguya goes all cute and says “Your Present is Me.” However, she quickly gets embarrassed and gives up the idea.


The next day, blinded by her love, Kaguya makes a humongous cake (as grand as a wedding cake) for Miyuki. Though she is reprimanded by Hayasaka, she almost ends up giving the cake and revealing her feelings to Shirogane, only to come to her senses moments before this could happen.

From here begins an interesting trial in her mind with Kaguya’s ice cold and dummy personalities arguing with each other on whether the huge cake should be given to Shirogane or not. While the dummy Kaguya goes on reveal the extent of love that Kaguya has for Miyuki, her ice cold self represents the pride that prevents her from taking stupid actions in the name of love. 

After a brilliant exchange between the two, Kaguya turns to look at the judge, to come to a decision and help her choose what to do. However, the judge we see is a younger version of Kaguya, who suggests that Kaguya go along with Hayasaka’s plan and offer herself as a present to Miyuki. In the end, Kaguya is forced to come to a decision herself, and she decides to give Shirogane a small piece of the big cake wishing him a happy birthday. This is perhaps one of those scenes where emotions come to the fore instead of wits in Kaguya Sama season 2 and no wonder it is beautiful.

Another thing that is worth mentioning about the second part of the episode is the voice acting of Kaguya Shinomiya done by Aoi Koga. Kaguya’s different tones clearly depict the different personalities and the emotions that she goes through. While Koga has been fantastic throughout the series, the different tones of her voice and the personas they depict come to the fore during the trial room scene, making it one of the most enjoyable moments of the episode. The second part is no wonder the winner from Kaguya Sama Season 2 episode 2.

Chika Fujiwara Wants to Confirm It:

In the third part of the episode, we are back to the familiar battle of wits, as Kaguya and Shirogane both try to make the other confess under the pressure, with Chika Fujiwara being used by them in the mix. It’s a clever setting involving the hand fan that Kaguya gifted Shirogane, and Chika wondering why exactly Miyuki celebrated his birthday alone with Kaguya. She wants to confirm who has feelings for whom and tries to come to a conclusion from what Miyuki and Kaguya tell her

Chika wants to confirm it
Chika trying to figure out why Kaguya and Shirogane were alone

As usual Kaguya is one step ahead of Miyuki in planning things, but the student council president comes up with a witty response putting her in a tight spot. However, Kaguya is rescued by none other than Ishigami, who also had given a gift to Shirogane. In the end, Chika thinks it was all part of her misunderstanding and runs away from the student council room. 

The second episode turned out to be as good as the first one of Kaguya Sama season 2 and it continues to be one of the best romantic comedies that we have seen, with a fresh perspective. The animation again is great with the trial scene in Kaguya’s mind and Moeha and Kei’s monologues being edited wonderfully to give them a different look.

We also get to see the anime ending theme ‘Kaze ni Fukarete’ by ‘Haruka Fukuhara’. While this one’s not as catchy as before, it certainly is more heartwarming than the ending theme of season 1. 


What do you think of Kaguya Sama: Love is War? Season 2 Episode 2. Let us know your opinions in the comments section. 

Kaguya Sama Season 2 Episode 3 Release Date:

While COVID-19 has forced lot of anime shows which began airing to be delayed, including Food Wars Season 5, Kaguya Sama Love is War looks set to continue for the time being. The third episode of season 2 will air on April 25, 2020 at 7:30 am PT (and at 11:30 pm on April 25 in Japan).

The battle of the Tsunderes is set to continue and you can simulcast this hilarious comedy on Funimation and Hulu. We’ll be back to review the third episode of the anime, till then Love is War! everyone!!

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