Kaguya Sama Manga To End Soon

kaguya sama

The leaks of the latest Kaguya Sama: Love is War chapter is out. This also revealed the cover image of the chapter featuring the main character Miyuki Shirogane. And over this cover, it is revealed that the manga is heading in its final arc. According to the leak, Akasaka Aka wrote: “From now on the story enters the final phase”.


What’s confirming this news is the fact that the mangaka, Aka Akasaka, recently tweeted this:

It roughly translates to: The series went for longer than he imagined and that the midfield game was over. Also that it had entered the ‘final game’ and the fans to stick around for a while longer.

However, as the tweet says that midgame is over that doesn’t mean the series is ending in the next 2 3 chapters. It means 2/3rd of the series is complete and it is heading to the final arc. Although, it has been over 3 months since then.

Kaguya Sama manga is serializing since 2015, and fans are not really ready to see it ending yet.

However, for the anime-only fans, the anime will be getting both an OVA and Season 3 in 2021.

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