KADOKAWA×TROYCA Drops Details Of Original Anime ‘OVERTAKE!’

A new trailer was also revealed.


Kadokawa x TROYCA joint press-release, which was live-streamed on Kadokawa’s official YouTube channel, unveiled the details of the previously announced original anime including its title, character settings & voice cast on Jan 20, 2023.

The anime is titled “OVERTAKE!,” and will be centered around F1 race. A new trailer and key visual was also unveiled to commemorate the announcement.


Main characters and their voice cast are as follows:

  • Anan Furuya as Haruka Asahina
Haruka Asahina


A taciturn high school “F4” racer who belongs to Komaki Motors. He has a stubborn personality and says, “I don’t need any support”. He is determined to drive hard to fulfill his dream of standing on the podium. He usually lives with the Komaki family and works part-time as a newspaper delivery man.

  • Katsuyuki Konishi as Koya Madoka
Koya Madoka


Freelance photographer. He used to have a certain reputation as a photojournalist, but now he is in a slump due to his fatal weakness as a professional. When he happens to visit Super GT to cover the race, he sees “F4” racer Haruka Asahina drive, and remembers a long-forgotten feeling of excitement in his heart.

Staff includes:

  • Series Composition: Ayumi Sekine
  • Character Design: Masako Matsumoto
  • Series Supervisor: Katsuhiko Takayama

It was previously revealed that Ei Aoki has been roped in to direct the original anime.

The official website describes the anime as:

“F4,”aka Formula 4, is the entry-level category of formula car racing, with “F1” as its pinnacle. It has produced excellent young drivers for the advanced categories.

One man has entered this circuit.

His name is Koya Madoka. He is a photographer by profession. He is currently in a slump for one reason or another.
At Fuji Speedway, where he is visiting for an interview, Koya witnesses the driving of Haruka Asahina, a high school student “F4” racer. His honest earnestness and dedication revives in him a feeling of excitement that he has not felt for a long time. ……

This is when he decides to support Haruka and make his dream come true with his small team “Komaki Motors”.
Before long, the lives of Haruka and Koya, who are completely different in character and age, begin to intersect with each other.

Source: Official Website

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