Haikyuu! To The Top Episode 22: HINATA NICE RECEIVE!!!


Continuing from the previous episode of absolute brilliance presented by the Miya twins, Episode 22 made us realize that what Inarizaki has shown is just the tip of the iceberg. It’s already the 3rd set, but the game is just starting!

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The main episode starts with a heart to heart discussion or rather the coach encouraging Heisuke Riseki-kun to forget the conventional methods of yesterday against today and trust the tomorrow which will bring the unknown. It is necessary, it’s hard, it’s scary but it’s good. And following him, Inarizaki became the starting point of Karasuno’s downfall.Even if the crows limited Heisuke upto two points, it was enough to push them towards the end of the rope. 

Haikyuu!! has always been pro to sneak in the rules and regulations of the sport in a fun way. I bet any of us weebs at all noticed or rather knew that they have a rule to change sides of the court if any of the team reaches half way through the match. By the way, the commentators were pretty lively in this episode eh? 

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Have you guys ever wondered why the Inarizaki banner says, “We don’t need the memories”? Doesn’t  it sound pessimistic yet arrogant? Well, now we know why. It’s the faith that they have in tomorrow. To grow moving forward, forgetting what they couldn’t do yesterday and challenging tomorrow for a new memory! That is the strength of the Ultimate Challengers. Scary… 

Karasuno is trembling. Even if the Miya twins pulled a minus tempo fluke, the veterans are shook to their knees. And the chain of mishaps just continues. They just desired an epic break to get their motivation up. Yet, it seems like our boys are gonna lose. 

Until!!! Hinata Shoyo steps in! Win or Lose, he is the one! If anyone could lighten the mood it’s him.

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B-But Miya Atsumu is too powerful. He is too sneaky. At one point he seemed like he was on par with Oikawa’s ability to read chibi-chan, Hinata. The dump shot which made Shoyo lose a point really showed the power of “the setters” and Miya Atsumu’s control over every nook and cranny of the court. So, annoying.  

Still ravaging on, the Miya brothers are not backing down. And as we all know, nor will Hinata Shoyo. He comes in like a lion and makes that EPIC RECEIVE and wins everyone’s heart! Even if they lost their precious breakpoint not everything went to the gutter. Instead as our wise Miya twin, Osamu says: 

“If you have a bit when you are starving,you just get hungrier.”

That’s what happened. Seeing Hinata eventually making up for all his years running after Kageyama, Karasuno is finally ready to face Inarizaki on the same foot. 

To conclude, I would say I was uttely wronged by the creators. If the previous episode was the best, then this one is OUTSTANDING! I am sure everyone will have tremendous chills and will bawl their eyes out in this episode. Drop everything and keep watching Haikyuu!!

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