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Mushoku Tensei

Quite a lot of skipped content with this one.

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Mushoku Tensei’s eighth episode of Season 2 takes a step back from Rudeus’ adventures to shine a spotlight on the expanded cast, particularly Cliff and Badigadi. Although Cliff was introduced in a previous OVA episode and had a chance encounter with Eris, he has mostly remained in the background during this season.

However, his character is not without complexities. Cliff harbours a sense of resentment towards Eris due to his belief that he is a skilled mage. This sense of inadequacy stems from the fact that, in comparison to Rudeus, he falls short in Eris’ estimation. This has led to a significant inferiority complex on Cliff’s part.

Cliff finds himself entangled in a classic case of love at first sight, with Elinalise being the subject of his infatuation. However, the challenge he faces is that he knows very little about her true character. He constructs an idealized image of her in his mind as a pure and innocent maiden. This perception leads him to inadvertently create awkward situations when he tries to “defend her honour” based on his assumptions and he pleads with Rudeus to introduce them both to each other.

Rudeus, initially doubtful of their compatibility due to Elinalise’s promiscuity, learns a valuable lesson from Fitz – their relationship is their own business. This prompts Rudeus to set up a meeting between the both of them. Upon witnessing Cliff’s sincere and passionate declaration of affection, Elinalise experiences a mix of panic and anger directed at Rudeus. She questions Rudeus’s decision to introduce a seemingly naive and inexperienced young man like Cliff to her.

Elinalise’s initial reaction towards Rudeus reflects the very concerns he had when introducing Cliff to her – the potential pitfalls and challenges that a relationship with someone so inexperienced might entail. This moment showcases the complex dynamics between the characters and adds depth to Elinalise’s character beyond her usual flirtatious demeanour.

The next morning, as Rudeus walks into class, he is met with a surprising sight – Cliff and Elinalise are seated together, behaving affectionately and exuding a sense of romantic intimacy. To Rudeus’s astonishment, Cliff’s sincere and deep affection for Elinalise has managed to capture her heart, leading the two of them to embark on a romantic relationship.

Elinalise expresses her genuine intention to limit her usual flirtatious and amorous escapades, aiming to accommodate Cliff’s feelings to the best extent possible, considering the constraints of her curse. In response, Cliff makes a resolute promise to explore ways to break the curse that has affected Elinalise. This unexpected twist adds complexity to the characters’ dynamics and sets the stage for further development in their interactions.

In the latter part of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 8, Rudeus finds himself entangled in a unique tradition of the beast people as the fall season arrives. This tradition involves a series of challenges that are designed to forge marriage connections and instigate shifts in leadership within the clan, a.k.a, the mating season.

However, being princesses of their people, Linia and Pursena opt to avoid the constant barrage of challenges that would come their way during this period. Instead, they choose to remain secluded within their dormitory, seeking refuge from the demanding trials.

Instead of participating in the duels themselves, they redirect all the challenges to Rudeus, whom they lovingly acknowledge as their ‘boss’. Given Rudeus’ sheer power and combat capabilities, the Doldia princesses must have figured out that no one in the university could have possibly beaten him in a duel.

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Nina Fallion

During this portion of the episode, we see a new character make her appearance—Nina Fallion. Most viewers will not recognize her as she has yet to be formally introduced in the series. Nina is a side character who serves as both a friend and a rival to Eris.

As the storyline progresses, more insight into her character and her relationship with Eris will be unveiled, especially when the show eventually adapts the chapters from Eris’ perspective.

The latter part of the episode shifts its focus to the introduction of another character, Badigadi. With a personality as vibrant as his loud demeanour, Badigadi serves as an ideal counterpart to his fiancée, Kishirika Kishirisu. The narrative employs visual storytelling to emphasize his character traits, showcasing his audaciousness and pride.

He has come to challenge Rudeus solely because Kishirika favoured him so highly. Initially taking the situation lightly, Badigadi’s demeanour undergoes a dramatic shift when the name of Orsted is brought into the conversation.

He awards Rudeus the opportunity to unleash his most destructive spell against him. However, the dialogue between them varies slightly from its portrayal in the Light Novel. Following Rudeus’ mention of the Dragon God’s name, Badi’s reaction is one of profound astonishment.

He inquires if Rudeus managed to inflict any harm upon Orsted. Rudeus replies by stating that he merely managed to scratch the skin of the Dragon God’s hand. Badi’s expression turns grave as he asks Rudeus to employ the same spell against him. He proposes that if the spell can penetrate his battle aura, he will concede defeat.

This brief yet significant exchange, unfortunately omitted in the adaptation, carries substantial weight. The subsequent sequence is indeed noteworthy. Rudeus crafts a stone projectile, infusing it with all the mana he can muster.

The visuals expertly amplify the tension as the mana accumulates, and the spell takes form before the audience’s eyes. As Rudeus propels the charged projectile toward Badi, the tension reaches its zenith, resulting in a detonation that seems to obliterate the Demon King.

However, Badigadi possesses immortality, reconstituting himself from the shattered fragments in a swift reintegration. Following this, he proclaims Rudeus as the victor and playfully returns the favour by giving him a good-natured punch.

Skipped Content

Since there is quite a lot of context and information missing between the episode as well as in the episode itself, here is a concise list of most of the information that has either been skipped or modified to meet the bounds of the episodic adaptation –

Sylphie Side Story Part 2:

After observing Rudeus surrounded by friends compared to his previous solitary state, Sylphie feels a tinge of jealousy as she notices Pursena joining the healing class with Rudeus. Linia and Pursena’s admiration for him as “Boss” also adds complexity to her emotions.

Ariel expresses irritation that Rudeus seemingly doesn’t remember Sylphie. However, Sylphie reveals she hasn’t introduced herself to him yet, surprising both Ariel and Luke. This revelation makes Luke uncomfortable, suggesting he regrets his initial interactions with Rudeus.

Sylphie finds it difficult to express her feelings for Rudeus to Ariel, fearing betrayal. Ariel assures her that she can use the persona of Fitz as she wishes and takes a patient approach.

As night falls, Sylphie reflects on her emotions. She acknowledges her jealousy of Linia and Pursena getting closer to Rudeus and her desire for his attention. She grapples with Ariel’s summoning motives and her own feelings for Rudeus.

Volume 8 Epilogue:

Three months pass. Juliette becomes frightened of Rudeus due to a dwarven fairy tale’s similarity to Rudeus’ actions with Linia and Pursena.

Elinalise borrows Rudeus’ magic textbook, showing her commitment to the magic class despite her reputation. The story of Badigadi in the Ogre Tribe is recounted, revealing his affection and respect for their younglings.

Juliette’s cute moments and Rudeus teaching her table manners provide a heartwarming scene.

Cliff’s details are sent to the university, and his confidence wanes due to consecutive failures. He falls in love with Elinalise, leading to a change in his perception of Eris.

Rudeus delves into teleportation and discovers parallels with summoning magic, seeking a professor’s expertise. He interacts with Cliff, reflecting on their recent encounters.

Sylphie Side Story Part 3:

Observing Cliff’s newfound respect for Rudeus due to his help with Elinalise, Sylphie experiences mixed emotions. Ariel acknowledges Rudeus’ quick connections, even with formerly disdainful Cliff.

Sylphie finds herself captivated by Rudeus’ smile but realizes it’s directed at Fitz, not her. She continues her role as Ariel’s bodyguard.

Rudeus informs Fitz of his shift from water to earth magic, impressing him with the potency of well-honed basic magic.

Volume 9 Chapters 3-4:

During mating season, outsiders are allowed on campus due to beast folk tradition. Guards increase, and many seek Linia and Pursena for leadership challenges.

Despite being a Demon King, Rudeus notes their peaceful nature. He’s asked to delay a duel as reinforcements are gathered.

Zanoba praises Rudeus for his impressive power during a duel.


In spite of missing several contextual elements that flesh out the cast, this episode effectively enhances our understanding of the characters in Rudeus’ school life. I’m intrigued by the direction the narrative will take. Although the main storyline seems to be momentarily on pause as we await Rudeus’ realization of Fitz’s true identity as Sylphy, the supporting characters have the potential to maintain the narrative’s intrigue until that point.

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