Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Rudues’ PTSD & Nanahoshi’s Past!

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Episode 9 Of Mushoku Tensei Season 2 is perhaps one of the most interesting episodes. It does one thing – articulate the exposition-heavy narrative and lay down the groundwork for future worldbuilding. And it does so while keeping you interested throughout this dialogue-heavy instalment.

Before we proceed further into the review, I would like to offer my sincerest apologies to all my readers, whom I unintentionally spoiled in the last episode review.

I initially assumed that the previous episode had skipped quite a bit of context that takes place in between the instalments and listed them out. It turned out to be somewhat premature as this episode portrays some of those points during its runtime.

The episode begins by highlighting Sylphy/Fitz’s growing fascination with Rudeus. As Pursena and Rudeus interact playfully, Fitz perceives their interaction as somewhat flirtatious. This escalating fixation is evident to both Ariel and Luke, who later inquire about it from Sylphy.

Interestingly, Sylphy hasn’t disclosed her true identity to Rudeus yet because she’s feeling shy and concerned that Rudeus might have actually forgotten about her. This moment adds a relatable human aspect to Sylphy’s character.

Following this, we see Rudeus engaged in research about the teleportation incident caused by the Mana Calamity. He theorizes that Teleportation Magic is rather similar to Summoning Magic.

But he’s hit a wall in his research and needs an expert opinion. He approaches Fitz to inquire whether he knows of anyone who could assist him with his research.

Silent Sevenstar

When Fitz recommended that Rudeus consult the special student Silent Sevenstar, he had no idea what awaited him. As he enters Silent’s study, he is confronted by a white, expressionless mask reminiscent of the one that accompanied the fearsome Dragon God, Orsted.

This triggers a severe panic attack in Rudeus, causing him to stumble and hastily retreat, not only from Silent but from the overwhelming and terrifying memories that instantly flooded back to him.

The animation in this sequence is superbly done. Rudeus’ movements and emotions felt extremely real. Everything from the strain in his jaw as he desperately gasps for air to the way his hand pulls the cloth of his shirt emphasizes his fear and distress.

His panic rises to such an extent that he eventually blacks out, dropping to the floor unconscious.

When Rudeus awakens, he finds himself with Fitz, still in the study of Silent. It is at this point that the character exchange occurs in a different language, one that is unfamiliar to viewers. It feels odd to us but Rudeus is conversing in the same language as well, without showing any hints of surprise.

After he gets a grip on his emotions, Silent asks him a few questions, and this time, she speaks in Japanese. Rudeus answers the questions in the same tongue as well, and this time, Sylphy is the one left confused. At this moment, Rudeus learns that Silent, like him, is also from our world.

This revelation opens the floodgates to a wealth of new information, both for Rudeus and the audience. She also reveals that she was teleported to this world with her original body and age intact, as opposed to Rudeus’ case of being reincarnated as a new person altogether while only retaining his original memory, leaving them with vastly different outlooks on their situations.

Additionally, she unveils her true name, Nanahoshi Shizuka. The most striking disparity between her and Rudeus is her intense longing to return to their original world.

She deeply misses her former life and friends and, owing to the fact that she retained her original body and age, she stands out as the sole entity in their current world devoid of mana.

In the Light Novels, Rudeus observes that Silent Sevenstar is a direct translation of her real name, Nanahoshi Shizuka. He speculates that Nanahoshi likely chose such a name intentionally, perhaps to make herself easily recognizable to the individuals she has been searching for since her arrival in this world.

Her status as a foreign entity in this world means that her body does not experience biological ageing, making her adaptation to this new world even more challenging.

This unique condition has intensified her desire to escape from her current circumstances. Interestingly, it appears that Orsted was attempting to assist her in this endeavour.

Because her arrival in this new world was more akin to teleportation rather than reincarnation, Nanahoshi has been tirelessly researching potential methods to teleport individuals back to her home world.

Unfortunately, her lack of mana has hindered her ability to test any of these theories. However, with Rudeus’ assistance, she now has the opportunity to put her hypotheses into practice.

The entire conversation between Rudeus and Silent unfolds in Japanese, which is foreign to Fitz. Upon their return to the local dialect, Silent mentions something that visibly angers Fitz.

This is due to Fitz’s lack of understanding of their previous conversation, leading him to wrongly assume that Silent is responsible for the teleportation incident. It’s only when Rudeus intervenes and clarifies that Silent is a victim, not the culprit, that Fitz calms down.

When Fitz was lashing out at her, he attempted to attack Silent by using wind magic and physical attacks. It seems that Silent can operate magical equipment that can dispel mana and generate a shield to prevent those kinds of attacks, and it’s a logical choice for her because she cannot manifest any mana by herself.


In Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 9, the majority of the episode revolves around Rudeus and Silent engaging in a serious conversation. However, the revelations and insights unveiled during this dialogue add depth and intrigue to the episode.

The revelation that Rudeus is not the sole individual from his world is a significant development, justifying the extensive explanation provided.

This instalment marks a crucial revelation point in Rudeus’ journey. With the introduction of new objectives, a newfound ally, and a deeper understanding of the path before him, the series paves the way for a fresh narrative direction in the upcoming episodes.

This revelation not only enriches Rudeus’ journey but also generates anticipation among viewers for the unfolding events.

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