Mushoku Tensei Season 2 Episode 7 Review: Sylphy’s Dilemma & Rudues’ Revenge

“What do I want our relationship to be?”

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This episode indeed provided nothing but joyful entertainment. Although it lacked intense battles or intricate storylines, it embraced the sheer silliness and delightful fun that anime can offer. Among the most laughable moments in Mushoku Tensei, this episode shines as Rudeus momentarily steps back into his wild side.

Serving as a glimpse into the students’ lives at Ranao University, it captures the essence of their experience and leaves a fantastic impression.

Unexpectedly, the studio opted to animate the additional chapters from the Light Novel that delve into Sylphiette’s life at Ranao, a decision I highly commend. These chapters adeptly depict her everyday experiences as a student, mirroring the schedule of Rudeus.

Amidst her routine, her thoughts persistently drift to Rudeus, revealing her growing fixation on him. It’s endearing to witness her adorable flustered reactions stemming from these feelings.

Some of the standout moments in the episode for me revolve around Julie’s reactions to various situations. Observing her delight when she finally cracks voiceless incantation or noticing her nonchalant expression during one of Zanoba’s elaborate lectures on figurines truly warms me.

It’s immensely gratifying to witness her flourishing in the newfound life that Rudeus and Zanoba have offered her. Despite their initial circumstances, Rudeus and Zanoba treat Julie with utmost respect and care. She’s transformed from a slave into an apprentice under Rudeus’ guidance and is akin to a little sister and disciple in Zanoba’s eyes.

The Kidnapping and Confinement of the Beast Girls

This marks Rudeus’ second experience with the kidnapping of beast girls, albeit from a different perspective. In the past, he played the role of the rescuer, but now he finds himself in the position of the captor.

His motivations for kidnapping Linia and Pursena stem from a desire to impart a lesson to them, which stems from their inadvertent destruction of his cherished Roxy figurine.

The events leading up to this are just as joyous. When Rudeus inquires about the Roxy figure to Zanoba, he witnesses an emotional breakdown from him. Zanoba then tearfully recounts the incident where the Doldia girls defeated him in a duel and caused irreparable damage to the figure.

Following this, the ghastly expression on Rudeus’ face instils a sense of dread in both Zanoba and Julie, which comes across as highly hilarious. In response, Rudeus resolves to seek retribution against the Beast Girls for their actions.

This episode also showcased just how strong Rudeus actually is. He effortlessly outclassed both the Beast Girls singlehandedly. What’s more, he swiftly incapacitated them, drawing from his extensive combat experience.

Following the confrontation, Rudeus ponders that Paul and Eris are just much strong than these girls. In the sequential scene, Rudeus takes them both back to his dorm. When they come back to their senses again, they find their limbs tied and their mouths gagged.

The ensuing scenes derive humour from the situation in which Rudeus very seriously portrays himself as the founder of a new “Roxy cult”, with a piece of her undergarment as their relic of worship.

The captured beast girls are bewildered at this and when coupled with the enthusiastic cheering from Rudeus, Zanoba, and Julie, it creates a comical atmosphere that resembles a genuine cult kidnapping. The sheer absurdity of the situation adds to the hilarity of the scene.

Rudeus recognizes the need to instil respect for others’ belongings in these girls. However, he grapples with determining the most effective approach and consults Fitz. As a result, he confines them in his room with restraints and gags for a full day.

Upon his return with Fitz, he finds that the girls have exhausted and soiled themselves. From that point on, they were obedient and even acknowledge Rudeus as the ‘boss’ of the pack.

In the subsequent scene, the episode delves into the evolving relationship between Rudeus and Fitz. Following the chaotic interaction with the beast girls, they find themselves in a rare moment of tranquillity.

When Fitz is resting on Rudeus’ bed, an undeniable curiosity surfaces in him, urging him to glimpse beyond the glasses that obscure her eyes. Fitz, seemingly attuned to his thoughts, playfully and teasingly inquires if he longs to witness her true appearance.

This interaction momentarily amplifies the romantic tension between them, briefly reaching a new peak, leaving the viewers yearning for so much more.


Mushoku Tensei Season 2, Episode 7, delivers a comedic instalment, drawing its humour from the characters’ foolishness and the absurdity of their circumstances.

This episode offers a glimpse into the everyday life at Ranao University, highlighting Rudeus’ newfound freedom where he can enjoy himself in a carefree and safe environment.

Amid the hilarity, the show also teases at the constantly evolving dynamics between Rudeus and Fitz, leaving viewers intrigued by their complicated relationship.

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