Dragon Ball Author Akira Toriyama Gets Tangled In Racism Controversy; Fans React!

An image of Akira Toriyama’s rumoured controversial statement in an interview regarding lack of black people in his Dragon Ball series has taken social media platforms by storm.

The alleged interview was titled, “Dragon Ball Creator Akira Toriyama Fires Back At Haters Criticizing Lack of black Characters in the Series,” putting Toriyama in a bad light.

The interview claimed that Toriyama, when asked about the reason for the lack of black people in his series, said that “this is a Japanese Franchise. Made by Japanese people. Its not your show, its ours”. He apparently further added that “the things people complain about continue to change over time, but Japanese demographics do not. They (black people) do not live here”.

Checkout the image in question below:

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy3

Since matter of representation is a hot topic in the anime community, this news was consumed by all fans alike, some of who supported Toriyama’s statement without checking the authenticity of the source.

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy1

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy2

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy5

On the other hand, there were others who were quick to catch the fakeness of this alleged interview. They came in aid of the author saying that anime fans would know that Toriyama is a secluded man who hardly does any interviews.

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy4

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy7

Fans also went to the lengths to find out the mastermind behind the creation of the baseless image.

Akira Toriyama Racism Controversy6

Turns out Toriyama, being the person he is, is no exception from getting strangled in controversies. And in this case a fake one that blew out of proportion.

Source: Twitter

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  1. By criticizing these comments, whether Toriyama said them or not, you are revealing yourself to just be racist bigots. The woke movement is the most racist group of people on earth, and if you support them you are a racist too. The amount of anti-white and anti-Asian racism they perpetrate is appalling. You should be disgusted with yourself for supporting woke identity politics like this. You are racist, and you have lost a reader because of it. I am removing your site from my bookmarks over this. Goodbye, you effing racist POS.

    • You’ve completely missed the point of the article. We don’t take sides, and nowhere in this article have we taken sides or criticized anyone. We only report stories based on facts and what’s trending in the community.


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