After Cheating Scandal, LiSA & Tatsuhisa Suzuki Hold Secret Wedding Ceremony

The ceremony is a declaration of their determination to move forward together, an acquaintance said.

Tatsuhisa Suzuki & Lisa Gurenge

Japanese singer LiSA, of Demon Slayer fame, and her husband Tatsuhisa Suzuki reportedly held a secret wedding ceremony earlier this month where they “pledged their love to each other” once again.

The wedding ceremony was held in a restaurant with a European motif at Aichi Prefecture. The ceremony was attended only by relatives and close acquaintances of parties. The location was particularly chosen so that the relatives could attend the ceremony without any hassle.

According to an acquaintance of LiSA, the decision to hold a wedding ceremony now is a declaration of their determination to move forward together.

“LiSA has decided to forgive him [Suzuki] for this affair. And it seems that they decided to hold a ceremony, which they could not do due to corona disaster, as a declaration of their determination to move forward together as husband and wife,” the acquaintance told JPrime.

The acquaintance added that LiSA took efforts to ensure that venue, its decoration and everything else was in place.

LiSA and Tatsuhisa Wedding Ceremony
The image of the venue where the secret wedding took place

When asked if LiSA deciding to accept Suzuki back into her life was somehow influenced by her family environment, the acquaintance said this;

“When LiSA was in the second grade of elementary school, her father, who drove a large truck, left home. Perhaps she wanted to reassure her mother, who raised LiSA and her younger sister by herself, by having her see him in person on his wedding day.”

Though Suzuki and LiSA had actually gotten married in January 2020, they were not able to hold a ceremony then due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The ceremony got delayed further as Suzuki’s alleged cheating scandal came to light.

While many people believed that they would separate from each other, sources close to the couple noted that the two were still firmly in love.

After Suzuki’s attempted suicide came to light, LiSA went to visit him. Talks happened and reports surfaced that the couple were on the path of reconciliation, with the singer deciding to forgive Suzuki.

Both Suzuki and LiSA were on hiatus after the news of the cheating surfaced. Both went on to resume activities after a short break, though Suzuki’s actions cost him his voice acting roles in multiple anime, notably Tokyo Revengers.

Source: JPrime

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